Your Ultimate Summer Bucket List


Ah, summer. The favourite time of year for many of us, and it is also one of the best times of the year to try new things. If you are just getting the heatwave in your country right now, you are likely looking forward to a couple of months of stunning weather and adventure.

Everyone has their own little bucket list of things they would love to do one day, and during the summertime you can make a great bucket list which involves some of those key activities that make a summer great. If you don’t already have a bucket list. Here is one which you will definitely want to follow.

Go scuba diving

If you want to challenge yourself and try something which is totally out of the ordinary this year, a great option for you would be to go scuba diving. Scuba diving involves getting some Scuba Gear from Dive Right In Scuba, finding a good spot in the sea and diving under the surface to see life in the ocean first hand. It is an activity which scares a lot of people however it is absolutely amazing. It is something which everyone should try once in their lifetime, and something which will make you see the world completely differently afterwards.

Take a trip to the beach

Is it really summer unless you have been to the beach? Taking a trip to the beach is the ultimate summer activity and it is something which you can enjoy with both your friends and your family. Think about packing yourself a picnic in the morning with food such as sandwiches, fruit and biscuits and take that to the beach with you alongside a blanket, a parasol and some chairs. If you’ve got kids you can let them run around and play while you catch some much needed rays.

Build a sand castle

Summer is a time to have fun and to let out our childish side, and there can be no better way to let out your inner child than to spend time building a sand castle. The beauty of being an adult is that you don’t simply need to use on little castle bucket: you can make a whole palace surrounded by a moat, with doorways and bridges and everything else you can think of. It is a fun way to spend an hour in the sun, and you will be proud of your masterpiece before it gets washed away back into the sea.

Get muddy

If you have a penchant for adventure, you shouldn’t be afraid to get a little bit muddy along the way. Don’t worry about your clothes when you leave the house, and make sure you always wear things that you don’t mind getting dirty. You can think about having some fun outside and climbing trees, running around and just generally being a kid again.

Get wet

Who cares if it starts to rain on a hot summer’s day? You can always just carry on with your day and have a laugh about getting soaking wet through. Summer isn’t summer without getting soaking wet at least once in a thunderstorm. The next time you are out in the pool and it starts to rain, just sit it out and have a laugh about it! At least you’ll cool down!

Explore the countryside

There can be nothing better in the summer time than the countryside. During the summer, plants and flowers are fully in bloom and you will be able to enjoy sunny weather blue skies and fresh air all day long. A great idea for a day out would be to get up bright and early, grab some easy snacks and drinks and take a hike in the mountains at your local national park. You can then eat your snacks while looking out over the country.

Go to a beer garden

Sometimes it is just far too hot outside to even think about taking a long walk, and days like this are the perfect days to get together with your family or friends and head down to the local beer garden for a drink. You can enjoy pub snacks, beer and the sunny weather as you catch up and have a laugh. You can even eat lunch here to save going anywhere else later on!

Sunbathe all day

Summer and the holidays are about relaxing. Instead of thinking up an amazing day out with 10 activities, why not just stay at home and sunbathe? A quiet day in the garden can be perfect for you because you can do a little bit of gardening, play with your family and just enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Have a barbecue

The ultimate food for summer? Barbecue food! If you have a Saturday free and you want to invite some of your friends and family over to the house, you can enjoy a lovely barbecue and play some games in the sun. You can grill burgers, sausages, chicken, fruit, vegetables and loads more. Finish off the day with an ice cream cone and you are set!

Go to an outdoor concert

If you fancy a little bit of culture in the sun this summer, a great idea would be to visit an outdoor concert in one of your local parks. Many places hold concerts and movie nights where you can bring a blanket, snack and drinks and sit on the grass enjoying the sun while you enjoy the music. You may as well bring a full picnic with you and some wine for the occasion! It will be super fun and you will all be incredibly relaxed afterwards.

Try a new restaurant

There are so many places all over the world which offer really great food and drinks. When you go on your holidays this year why not take the time to try a few new food places along the way. If there is a type of cuisine you have never tried before, you can definitely have a go at trying it out to see whether or not you like it. You will never know if you like something until you try!

Get fit

Summer is a time of year which encourages us to get outside and get moving. If you have been slacking with your fitness routine for a little while, now is the perfect time for you to get fit and get out there moving! You can do some stretches or yoga in your garden each morning, go for a fat burning walk, or think about playing sports outside too. Sunny weather is the perfect time to get fit, so make the most of it while it is here!

Make ice cream

And last but by no means least, you can’t have summer without having some ice cream in the mix, can you? If you fancy something a bit different this summer why not make your own ice cream from scratch? It’s not as hard as you would think and it will be a fun activity to do with the kids. All you will need is 500ml custard, 300ml double cream, and any favouring of your choice, just mix this all together and either put it into an ice cream maker or straight into the freezer. You’ll have an awesome sweet treat in just a few hours and it will be the perfect remedy to a boiling hot day. You can even finish it off with a cone and some sprinkles for the kids!