your guide to the main differences between serviced apartments and B&Bs

We get it, there are a million and one blogs out there telling you about the benefits of a serviced apartment or what you can expect from a standard B&B. All these articles probably have great information, but they leave you with one burning unanswered question. What exactly is the difference between a serviced apartment and a B&B? And why should I care? Well, with this guide, we are going to try and answered these questions so you can make a more informed choice when you are booking your next holiday accommodation.

  • Serviced apartments give you amenities B&Bs do not

If you are planning to travel with a lot of clothes, it is worth considering serviced apartments. They often come with washing machines, tumble dryers, and other white goods that will make your stay much more comfortable.

  • B&Bs, as the name suggests, give you a good breakfast

For many, B&Bs do exactly what they intend. Give you a good bed for some sleep, and access to a good breakfast when you wake up. This may be perfect if you are looking for a short stay and do not want to do too much heavy lifting. This is also one of the reasons why a lot of Bed and Breakfast stays are for one night.

  • Serviced apartments are normally for longer stays

Leading on from point 2, another big difference between the two accommodation options is time. If you are planning a long stay, say for a business trip, a serviced apartment will give you more privacy and a more homely feeling. On the flip side, if you are planning a short stay with two people, a quaint B&B will give you everything you need.

  • B&Bs are better for smaller travelling groups

The final big difference between B&Bs and serviced apartments is the size of the group that they both cater for. Serviced apartments are more popular for larger travelling parties due to the open plan living and sense of inclusion that they offer. Conversely, you have much less space in a standard B&B room which makes them better for smaller groups of people. 

Book the right option for you, and you will not be left disappointed

There you have it, some of the fundamental differences between a B&B and a serviced apartment. Hopefully, we have left you a little more informed on the differences than you were before.

So armed with this new knowledge, why exactly should you care which option you go for? Because it will either make or break your enjoyment of your stay. If you are travelling in a big group and book a B&B, you will probably not have the best experience. However, if you book a serviced apartment, you will probably have enough space for everyone to enjoy their stay.

Before you go, here’s one more piece of advice. Whether you go for a serviced apartment or a B&B, have a look at reviews online. These are a great way to learn from the experience of others. Doing so will maximise the chances of you having the best stay.