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There are lots of reasons for getting in touch. For starters, you might need some pre-trip advice, and then again, you might just want to share your travel wisdom with me. Whatever the reason, getting in touch is easy. I will respond within a couple of days. You can also fill in the contact form below.

When I am traveling, it may take a little longer than when I’m at home in Minneapolis. Nevertheless, you can expect a quick response.

Worldwide Extreme Travel Network

This website provides extreme travel tips, describing far-flung, little-known destinations as well as dishing up smart travel tips. Regardless of your budget, my aim is to help you plan and execute that dream vacation into the unknown.

Having traveled far and wide, I am perfectly positioned to advise you and save you time and trouble when you are planning your trip. Over the years, I’ve perfected the art of traveling thanks to the many people I’ve met and friends I’ve made.

When you get in touch, you can be sure that I will be able to provide you with valuable contacts and information geared toward making your trip a smooth ride. After all, traveling is as much about the people you meet as it is about the destinations you visit.

After running this website for several years, I now have a worldwide network of friends and contacts, as a result of which traveling to unusual destinations is a piece of cake.

Regardless of how outlandish your travel plans may seem, I will gladly point you in the right direction and give you the contacts and information you require.

If I don’t know a destination, I know someone who does. Either way, you won’t be left hanging.So, please do get in touch by filling in the contact form below.

Share Your Travel Hacks

It’s impossible for me to know every corner of the earth, so I rely on you to get in touch to share your knowledge. If you’ve discovered a top-class destination or have travel tips I may not be aware of, please let me know. My aim is to bring together the best information and tips for my readers and make this the one-stop-website for extreme travel. So, if you want an opportunity to write for us, then do so!

Collaboration – Advertising, Guest Blogging, and Networking

You’ve got various ways of collaborating with me. So become a collaborator! Please refer to the advertising section of this website if you would like to promote your travel products or services, or indeed a destination. If you are a travel blogger, consider submitting a guest post. Again, please read on to find out more. Ultimately, this website is about networking as much as about traveling. The more people you connect with on a global scale, the easier it will be to travel the world.

Getting in Touch Is Easy

For the above or any other reason, please fill in the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you and will respond quickly.

I can assure you that I will do my best to advise you, and would love to publish your expert post or collaborate with you.