Wondering what to do on a yacht charter? Kitesurfing could be your new sporting challenge

A yacht charter possibly gives you the highest level of independence and freedom of any luxury holiday. The array of activities available can leave many would-be adventurers wondering what to do on a yacht charter. Many charterers opt for snorkelling, scuba-diving and lounging on the deck while others seek to include more novel activities in their itineraries, For this reason, we’re taking a look at the revival of kitesurfing – a lesser-known but high intensity, high excitement water sport that may well become your favourite new hobby.

What is kitesurfing?

If you are not yet familiar with kitesurfing, you may be surprised to learn that many of the most popular yacht charter destinations around the world are hotspots for this particular watersport. So, what exactly is kite surfing and how does it differ from the regular type of surfing that we know and love?

Kitesurfing combines aspects of snowboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing, paragliding and sailing. It usually involves being strapped to a kiteboard – a small surfboard that is similar in shape to a wakeboard. On the board, riders hold onto a specially designed kite that harnesses the power of the wind like a parachute to propel them across the surface of the water. Experienced kiteboarders can reach phenomenal speeds and execute impressive acrobatics and manoeuvres in the air, making the sport extremely enjoyable to watch, never mind to participate in. If you’re considering what to do on a yacht charter and are tempted to try this exhilarating sport, you’ll need patience and determination as it takes a lot of dedication to master.

Is kitesurfing popular?

Compared with regular surfing or jet skiing, for instance, kitesurfing is not one of the most mainstream watersports. However, its popularity is increasing across the globe. The fact that kitesurfing looks so impressive may intimidate some people but we would highly recommend giving this sport a chance. The best way to get started with kitesurfing is to grab your wetsuit bottoms and find a dedicated instructor who can teach you the basics for safety and will help you to feel comfortable with your kite and board. Having an instructor can give you a basic level of confidence that allows you to quickly get to grips with the fundamental skills you need to really enjoy kitesurfing.

Where are the best kitesurfing destinations?

Kiteboarding is popular in New Zealand and Australia – which is not surprising, given the passion these nations have for surfing and other watersports. A yacht charter in New Zealand or Australia offers the perfect opportunity to try kitesurfing as there is an abundance of experienced local instructors and places to hire good quality equipment. There are also plenty of Businesses in Takapuna and nearby beaches in New Zealand that offer all kinds of services related to water sports.

Of course, if you are more of a spectator when it comes to extreme sports then a yacht charter down under would be the ideal place to see some professional surfers showing off their incredible skills on the water.

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