Why Your House Isn’t Selling Fast Enough

Today, there are many platforms for selling a house, from online schemes to referral systems, yet your home has been in the market that seems like forever and that has to change now!

The average days on the market vary in different states. For example, in Los Angeles, homes are sold after 50 days on the market. Generally speaking, if your house gets trapped in the market for more than the average number of days, you have to investigate what’s wrong with it.

A house that stays in the market can cost you more money. The longer a listing sits in the market, the more sale price can fall below list price.

There are many factors to consider as to why a house is selling fast enough – from having a price that is too high, insufficient real estate demand, poor staging, or poor first impressions. Fortunately, there are ways to fix these. In “we buy houses for cash” companies, the likelihood of your sale falling through is lower, and there is no need to worry about a buyer changing their mind or arguing with you over repairs.

If you’re interested in correcting these flaws and want your house sell right away, you can follow these tips:

Pricing is too much

It’s usually the price. Pricing a house too much is a common mistake. Be realistic in seeing the potential of your house in the market. Try being open for feedback and criticisms from your other potential buyers, or consult a real estate company for advice with pricing a home. Also, try to figure out reasons as to why the house price might be too much, are there repair issues that a prospective buyer may sort by either calling in some Mold Remediation Services or a roofing contractor to fix. If there are some issues like this then you may consider correcting these yourself to make the house not seem like it needs additional costs spending on it after purchase.

House might be outdated

The field of real estate is dynamic. It changes every second. A home seller should guarantee that the house is comparable to other properties for sale in that price range. This means that to compete with different houses for sale, upgrade your house to what is trendy and bring a big impact to the market. You may also have to do some minor repairs here and there including gutter cleaning (look for firms like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Chicago) as people coming to look for houses might look for anything and everything.

Poor advertisement is poor chances

Sometimes the more attempts to save money, the poorer the outcomes. The way a seller showcases a home to the market reflects how it will imprint as a first impression to the buyer. It is said that 90% of buyers start their search online and make a decision about whether to come to see the house based on a quick skim of your listing photos. So it is practical to get the home properly staged and photographed to enthuse all potential buyers.

Incompetent people

Sometimes a seller knows that the house is perfectly presentable and that the price is suitable for the market, yet the house is still in the market-incidents where a seller unintentionally hires an agent that could be shutting your sales due to incompetence. Make sure to hire a deserving agent to sell a house. For example, real estate agents from firms like Upstate are known to have been in the business for a long time. Moreover, with more than 35% of the market share of the commercial real estate sector and over 118,000 prospective buyers in their database, firms like them accelerate the process of selling property. That said, those house owners who wish to contact them can look up real estate agents dee why on the Internet.


There are many reasons why a house is not selling in the real estate market. It is expected even before you enter the business. However, nobody said that you should give up because of it. There are ways on how to surpass these trials. If you want to sell your house the fastest and easiest, go to the nearest “we buy houses for cash” company and consult real estate experts for more tips on how you can sell your house quicker.

You can ask our home buyers at SnapCashOffers.com for more information on how to sell your house.

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