Why You Need Serviced Accommodation for a Bristol Getaway

So, you want to head out to Bristol, take in the historic harbor, stand in amazement at the towering architecture, and explore the bustling storefronts, restaurants, and nightlife establishments? If so, you’re probably looking for hotels right about now. Before you commit to a tiny, overpriced hotel, take a minute to go over why the serviced accommodation Bristol has on offer is the best way to get the most out of the city.

Let’s get started!

Value for Your Money

For travelers, hotels are a mainstay, but if you’ve been traveling for any length of time, you know just how expensive a hotel can get. Do you actually get a lot for that hefty price tag, though? If you’re lucky, you might get one or two beds cluttering up the living area, an outdated TV with a sink and microwave a few feet away, and of course, a tiny stand-in shower with a toilet right next to it.

In comparison, the average serviced accommodation only costs about 50 Pounds more, and you get a full at-home experience. You get a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, and yes, even private bedrooms. More importantly, all of these rooms are fully furnished.

So, while you will pay slightly more on average, you’ll also have a much more enjoyable experience. That’s not to mention the various deals and rates you can get for long-term stays.


Try asking a hotel manager if you can move in for a year while your business has you set up a new sister company in the area. The vast majority of them will decline your request, as hotels are generally meant for very short-term stays, and having guests linger for too long can throw a wrench in their business model.

In comparison, serviced accommodation is designed to take in guests with all sorts of needs. If you just need a weekend getaway with your significant other, you can get a serviced accommodation for that. If you’re going to be in the region for an extended period, but you don’t want to rent a home or lease an apartment, serviced accommodation can help you with that, too.

Hotel-Like Services

When it comes to serviced accommodation, you have a lot more control over your experience. When you go to a hotel, things such as cleaning, special parking, and other luxury services are automatically tagged onto your room charge.

With serviced accommodation, you can forego those luxury services and simply treat it as an apartment. Don’t have any issues picking up after yourself? You don’t have to pay extra for cleaning services. Don’t really care about having the most secure parking spot available, or don’t plan on driving anyways? Don’t pay extra for it.

This helps you reduce costs, but it leaves those hotel-like services available if you decide you want them.

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