Why Serviced Apartments in London are the Best Way to Visit the City

When you visit London, you’re in for a treat. The city is rich with things to experience both new and old, and it’s an absolute must-see destination for anyone interested in travelling you will also need a great place to store your luggage, look no further.

However, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all your accommodation options.

We think serviced apartments in London are the best way to enjoy your visit, and we’re willing to bring the facts to back that opinion up.

Have a look for yourself.


No matter why you’re visiting London, privacy is a must-have commodity. Whether you’re with your spouse and looking for alone time, helping set up a new branch for your employer and need room to relax, or you’re taking your family on a luxury holiday, you need privacy.

Hotels don’t truly offer privacy. Besides the rooms being small and forcing everyone to be cramped into each other’s personal space, the walls are thin, and everyone nearby can hear what you’re doing.

A serviced apartment is truly private. The walls are soundproof, the space is large, and each room is properly divided so everyone can retreat to their own personal space if needed.

You can’t underestimate what this does for a vacation.


Regardless of why you’re visiting the city, you need more than a microwave and a minifridge if you’re going to eat healthily and save money. A serviced apartment allows for that and much more.

First, a serviced apartment features all the normal parts of a home. You get a fully furnished kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more. Everything you expect to have in a proper living space is there.

This means that you can wash your laundry, cook home-cooked meals, entertain yourself in the living room properly, and retire to your bedroom for a good night’s sleep. With a hotel, all of that is packed into one room, and it’s not very comfortable or functional. You end up missing 90% of the functional items you need just to make it through the day properly.


Apart from a more cozy setting than hotels, serviced apartments could also give you access to different places as they tend to be centrally located. This means that you won’t have to walk far to get where you’re wanting to go. Want to grab some takeout? You’re probably just a block or two away. Need some live entertainment? Head down the street to the comedy club. Of course, the places you want to see would depend on the part of London you decide to stay in. If you want calm surroundings with more mellow activities like fine dining, walks around parks, exploring greenhouses and museums, and others, you could find yourself an apartment to stay in here or through an app such as Airbnb for West London. If it’s the architecture you would like to explore, you should find accommodation in North London. The best shopping spots may be found in the South, and East London is where you might find the best sporting events to watch.


Alright, at first glance, a hotel seems like the better option here. However, you have to take some things into account.

The average mid-range hotel in London costs just slightly less than what a serviced apartment costs, but you sacrifice all the traits we described in the sections above. Not only that, but a serviced apartment can actually be cheaper depending on how long you’re trying to stay.

By far, serviced apartments in London are the best way to visit the city.