Why Pick a Serviced Apartment for Your Walking Holiday?

Britain offers numerous fantastic sites for memorable walking holidays. While camping is an option, it’s more pleasant having your own base from which to head to the hills, moors, or woods each day, and here are just a few reasons why a serviced apartment is the ideal option.

All the Food You Could Ask for

One of the best things about booking a serviced apartment instead of a hotel is having a fully-fitted kitchen at your disposal. There are plenty of benefits that come with going self-catered, especially if you’re taking a walking holiday. You’ll be able to make and store all your snacks for the trail, and you’ll be able to whip up the huge portions you need to refill after burning calories for hours on end.

Space to Relax After a Long Day

When people go on a regular holiday, the evenings are best spent looking around the town. While that might be fun for one night of your walking holiday, you’ll probably just want to head back to your accommodation and relax after a long day of exercise. Serviced apartments are ideal since they provide living areas with sofas, armchairs, and a TV. When you want to unwind after a hard day, having your own living area is a necessity. You won’t even need to leave your accommodation to get food since you’ll have a kitchen right there.

Room for Groups

You might sometimes go on a walking holiday by yourself or with only one other person, but it’s far more common for people to go as a group. Staying in a hotel can work, but you’ll probably be in separate rooms, and that might mean being on different sides of the hotel. With a serviced apartment, smaller groups should be able to stay in the same space, that’s ideal when you need to plan the next day’s jaunt, get all your gear together in the morning, or simply enjoy each other’s company after a long day slogging it across the great outdoors.