Why navigate manually when you can do it digitally

The HX-1 is Hema’s outstanding navigator with its ultimate GPS and off-road navigation. It comes with the most unique and convenient features that help you explore new places. It has Australia’s best topographic mapping with the new 1:150 000 coverage of the entire country. It is not an average navigating device but an excellent device with turn-by-turn navigation and over 45,000 points of interest, including campsites and caravan parks and loads of other useful kinds of stuff.

You get a fantastic experience with this 7inch, multi-touch screen that allows you to zoom like your phone. The device can be connected to wifi so you can share tracks and info with other travelers. It can also be updated easily. We have tried to make your travel smooth and updated. 

When you start the device, you meet with two choices for navigation: Drive and Explore. Drive mode is when you are traveling in cities and exploring places that are not very familiar with people. 

The Drive mode works like the standard car navigators expect for the significant part: it has 45,000 Hema verified points of interest and iGo turn by turn navigation with data from Here maps and Hema.

The Drive mode has a street mapping for Australia and New Zealand with precise turn-by-turn voice guidance. It has everything located like red light cameras, speed cameras, school zones, intelligent routing to avoid any terrible routing experiences. It has over 6,000 camps Australia complete and Caravan Parks Australia wide campsites, caravan parks, and dump points integrated.

The variety of functions it serves might make it look like some complicated technical device, but it is not. It is effortless to use and gives the best possible routes with the least information you provide.

The Explore mode features topographic and touring navigation for off roads. The HX-1 comes with the Hema Explorer map. It is Australia’s most detailed adventure mapping. It helps to navigate remote areas and 4WD tracks. It has Hema’s award-winning topographic mapping. It also has tools for planning and recording trips. And the cherry on the cake is the backup and sharing options of your tracks, waypoints, and photos online.

The Hema Explorer map features the entire Hema databases of roads and 4WD tracks; this equates to over 1.2 million kilometers of 4WD and outback roads. We have done our best to put such a prominent place into a small navigator and made it easy to access. Now you travel more without worrying about the journey and routes. All you need to do is select the place, and we find all the ways for you. We also have some places that you might be interested in. 

The Hema X1 package includes an HX-1 navigator, a cradle and windscreen mount, a soft pouch, a 12V/24V 2A car charger, a USB cable, and a quick start guide for you. Its product number is CMS2813983 with a weight of 1123g. Its size is 230x120x150mm . It is a GPS device.

Start your unique experience with Hema’s HX-1.

This is how Hema’s HX1 looks in your car. Cool, isn’t it? You will love the device because of its unique and accurate navigation, its other features, it looks, or how convenient it is to use. I bet you will get habitual with this travel partner. You needn’t think twice to start a trip with it, so why think twice before buying it? 

Thank you for reading. Stay safe and travel safely with Hema HX1.