Why mailroom management software is so important for business

Mailroom management software is crucial for any busy company, especially those with a high number of employees.

The main reason you need mailroom software comes down to an often-overlooked issue that preoccupies many employees; that of where their parcels will be delivered. While we are all increasingly shopping online and although online shopping is convenient it raises a major problem; just how do you get your parcels delivered when you are working full time?

Many people at work struggle with this problem and unless you have someone at home all day, most online customers choose to have their parcel delivery sent to the workplace.

This is a growing problem for companies. Online shopping has boomed throughout the lockdown and most customers have kept with the online trend. In addition many high street retailers have closed and have switched to online sales only, so whereas in the past any company could have expected to receive a parcel for an employee occasionally, now it is a daily occurrence that happens multiple times a day. Taking in parcels for staff members eats up time for very busy reception and mailroom staff. And on busy retail periods such as Christmas, Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday, the amount of parcel deliveries to the workplace can go through the roof!

How improving mail management systems will help

Thanks to mailroom software, your company can now offer an easy way to receive parcels at work for employees without any detrimental effect to your business.

Mailroom tracking software works like a traditional delivery app that notifies you when your parcel is on its way. The difference is that it is designed for the internal system within your company, an internal parcel tracker.  How it works is simple:

Once a parcel arrives, it is scanned and photographed via the app in a process that takes a few seconds. The end customer is then notified immediately of its arrival and can come to the mailroom or reception area and collect it at once.

Mailroom tracking software has numerous advantages for your mailroom staff and your employees.

For your busy reception and mailroom staff, mailroom software saves time and ultimately man hours. They no longer have to track down the employee and tell them that their parcel has arrived. Instead, they simply accept the parcel and wait for the owner to collect it. The owner of the parcel is instantly notified that their package has arrived, and the mailroom software posts reminders to encourage fast pick up.

This easy process reduces clutter and mess in the reception area or mailroom caused by all those unclaimed parcels so is a streamlined solution that benefits everyone.

For your staff members, mailroom tracking software can be seen as a company perk. We all enjoy shopping online so putting workplace parcel delivery on an official setting is a service that will definitely improve workplace morale and productivity. It can be a highlight of the day to receive a parcel and because we are all spending so much time at the workplace it is an effective solution to a common problem.

For your company, mailroom tracking software is a valuable asset. Now instead of acting like an unpaid delivery service for staff, your reception and mailroom staff can focus on the jobs they are paid for, rather than doing unpaid favours for staff members. In addition it works equally well for business deliveries because with mailroom software, you know that the urgent parcel that you needed yesterday will never get overlooked.

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