Why luxury travel proves to be a great long-term investment

Given the opportunity, why do some travellers choose to splurge a bit on the finer elements of travel? Why would someone who is indicatively business savvy choose to fly business or first class over economy class, effectively spending at twice or closer to three times the amount they’d otherwise spend flying economy?

Why would that same traveller step out of the priority queue as a result of disembarking first out of the aircraft, to be chauffeured in a luxury German machine to their five-star hotel, where a porter carries their luggage and a concierge holds the doors open for them? Frequent travellers in particular would point to all of these extra costs in the name of luxury or premium travel making for a waste. So why then are what can seem like ridiculous costs for luxury travel elements being snapped up to indicate a real demand for them?

The answer resides in a longer-term look at what luxury travel is all about. It ultimately proves to be a great long-term investment if you consider the archetypal business or luxury traveller.

Great actual value for the money spent

Luxury travellers often only strategically go for the more expensive, luxury and premium travel options that come with pretty much any trip that can be possibly taken. So you might find a very successful and wealthy entrepreneur seated next to you, in economy class, on a flight you both take in future. When they’re seemingly living it up in business class, normally it’s because the situation calls for it.

It might be a long-haul flight, for instance, in which case they want to be able to sleep soundly in the clouds and arrive at their destination fresh and well-rested for a business meeting, a function, some actual business to be conducted, etc. Some businesspeople may even choose to go the extra mile and seek out a private charter flight for themselves or their work group. In such cases, opting for a Private Jet Charter at RDU International Airport or at their departure airport can be a great way to ensure that the best in-flight amenities are available, avoid the crowd and noise, as well as travel privately on their own time. Chartered flights can afford the ultimate luxury of privacy, which economy class flights often fail to provide.

When considering the long-term outlook, the money you spend for what appears to be premium perks can work out to offer great value in the long run. What good would a supposed holiday be if you arrive with a stiff neck and you additionally can’t get any rest because of noisy fellow backpackers who are there to party it up, hard?

Fertile networking ground

Whether you find yourself seated next to an MP of a trading partner country in business class or you bump into what goes on to be a valuable business partner in the common lounge of a luxury serviced apartments building your lodging at, luxury travel in this way makes for a great space for networking.

All your needs catered to

This goes back to the example of feeling fresh having endured a long journey, or being able to enjoy a good night’s rest and some peace and quiet when you need it most. Luxury travel comes with virtually all your needs catered to, allowing you all the time and space you need to recharge your batteries or to be fresh and sharp for whatever order of business you’d be conducting.

Inherent induction into a special “the rich get richer” club

Luxury travel usually also comes with so many perks that ultimately hand you back the amount you might have spent in value, like racking up loyalty points much quicker so that you can eventually qualify for a free flight, a free stay, etc.

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