Why kitesurfing makes the ultimate holiday adventure

The sport of kitesurfing has experienced remarkable growth over the last 10 years due to not only the exhilaration, but also because it’s much more accessible than most people think.

Yes, it’s considered an extreme sport, but contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be strong to kitesurf. In fact kitesurfing is becoming increasingly popular to take up for those in their 40’s and 50’s. As long as you can swim and have a good level of basic health, there’s really nothing stopping you!

The Sunshine

If you like sunshine and the ocean, then kitesurfing is perfect for you. Of course there is a missing ingredient and that is the wind. You can pinpoint the best destinations with the right balance of sun and wind by using a resource like Kite Worldwide. Kitesurfing can offer the perfect combination of lounging in the sun and hitting the water for a kite session to cool off and get some buzz.

If your partner prefers to sunbathe and leave the exhilarating stuff to you, pick a spot where the winds are relatively light so they can enjoy the sun without having to shelter from extreme winds!

You can learn quickly

You certainly need a few days of lessons if it’s your first time. Most schools will rent you the equipment as part of the package so all you need are your swimsuit and some suncream. Usually you will spend half a day learning to fly the kite on the beach, half a day or more flying the kite and ‘body dragging’ in the water. The rest of the time you’ll spend practicing getting up on the board and riding.

Some schools now offer ‘radio coaching’ so you can hear your instructor via an earpiece, helping you to learn more quickly.

You can kitesurf even in light winds

Unlike some other watersports like windsurfing. You can kitesurf in winds as light as 12 knots. This means you are more likely to find the sweet spot of kitesurfing and sunbathing than you are if you are travelling to a windsurfing destination for example, where you ideally need at least 15-20knots.

In recent times kite foiling has grown in popularity. This involves using a larger kite and a ‘hydrofoil’ board. A major advantage of foiling is you can kite in much lighter winds.

The kit is relatively easy to transport

Once you have learned to kitesurf and are sufficiently addicted that you wish to buy your own kitesurfing gear, you will need to figure out how to transport it. In contrast to surfing or windsurfing where the boards are relatively big, kitesurfing kit can be compacted into a 25-30kg bag, a bit like a golf bag. You will need to book oversized baggage and in some cases you may decide to rent the equipment once you get to the destination. Ideal if you are backpacking or don’t want the cost and hassle of carrying your gear with you.

It’s a great way to meet people

Although when you are on the water, kitesurfing can be a solitary sport, there is also a huge social element. Kitesurfers love to chat about the best spots, the best equipment, new tricks to try. And if you ever need help, generally speaking, other kitesurfers are all too willing to lend a hand. Kitting yourself out with a cool kitesurfing t-shirt is always a great conversation starter if you’re looking to make friends with fellow kitesurfers at the bar!

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