Why invest in a motorhome?

There are many good reasons why it might make sense to buy a motorhome.

Certainly, industry statistics seem to suggest that many people are reaching the same conclusion.

It might also work out to be positively financially advantageous to you but having said that, please make sure you read the first point below. It’s an important one in any beginner’s guide to motorhomes.

Assets and investment

We all sometimes use the terms “investment” and “sensible purchase” interchangeably.

In fact, they are quite different things.

It’s worth being clear at the outset that although motorhomes typically hold their values extremely well when compared to a family car, they are not likely to be an “investment” in the sense that their value would increase over time.

Of course, you may be able to purchase a motorhome and considerably upgrade it so that it ends up being worth more than you purchased it for but by and large, your motorhome will depreciate over time.

Having got the terminology out of the way, let’s focus on why it might still be a very sensible purchase!

No more hotel fees

If you have ever found yourself in the position of sitting in a hotel room looking at its basic furniture and minimal facilities, then wondering why are you paying as much for them as you are, this should strike a chord with you.

Hotel, guesthouse and rented property holiday accommodation are typically expensive. If you like getting out and about, by taking your own accommodation with you, then your savings over time may well prove to be very significant.


Another thing many of us have experienced is finding that we have gone to a hotel location and it or its location is simply not to our liking. We’re then stuck until it’s time to go home.

In the case of motorhomes, be it class a or class b motorhomes, ​you can have the freedom of the road in front of you. If you don’t like somewhere, you simply move on, and you have no lost hotel accommodation fees playing on your mind.


On a motorhome holiday, you owe nobody any explanations other than yourself.

For example, if you want an early start to get off somewhere, you don’t have to ask hotels to lay on early breakfasts for you or late evening meals when you get back.

You can simply go where you want and when you want to.

Eat what you want – and cost-consciously

True, there are times when most of us like to eat out but equally many of us would prefer not to need to do so every night when we are on holiday.

Having a well-equipped motorhome means you can choose to have lighter meals or simply eat food you want to eat if you don’t feel like going out.

You also won’t be forced to pay for expensive hotel or restaurant catering other than as an occasional treat.

Take others with you for no incremental cost

If you suddenly find the children fancy a break with you or the grandchildren want to gate-crash your trip, you may be able to offer them accommodation at no additional cost to them or you.

Depending upon your lifestyle, that might prove to be a big annual saving over paying for accommodation.


Purchasing a motorhome is inevitably an affair of the heart rather than one driven by detailed spreadsheet financials and associated analytics. Some people might be hesistant about purchasing one, but others will be keen to look for Toyota Sunraders for sale as soon as possible. This does allow them to travel whenever they want, without having to plan the event months in advance.

Even so, from the points above, it’s possible to see that motorhomes may be a very cost-effective purchase for those who love holidays and traveling. It might be a good purchase for a family who wants to get away from home more often. Consider the points above and see whether it would be a good purchase for your lifestyle.

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