Why Frequent Travellers Usually Pay Less

Unless they explicitly show you some physical proof of their luxurious spending habits on holidaying elements such as their flight ticket class, the star-rating of their accommodation and the type of entertainment they engage in, what you’ll usually find is that someone who travels rather frequently doesn’t really spend all the much money. Frequent travellers likely spend a lot less than what you think, testimony to which fact you’ll be in on if you’re on the other side of the fence and you’re the frequent traveller.

There are a number of reasons why frequent travellers usually pay less for their trips and once you’re in on the secrets then you might perhaps even look back on some of your previous trips and realise that you might have wasted a lot of money unnecessarily.

It’s about feeding the wanderlust

Frequent travellers don’t waste too much time and effort trying to plan the perfect holiday getaway. Rather, they look to find the cheapest way of just jumping on the plane and jetting off, because it is after all about just being able to go somewhere they’ve never been before or somewhere they’d like to visit once again. It’s about feeding the wanderlust, so slumming it out in a two-star joint is a price they’re often willing to pay just so that they can say they’ve visited a particular place.

Taking advantage of off-peak pricing

Frequent travellers are often in on some of the low travel seasons when airline tickets and accommodation are a lot cheaper than what they usually go for, so even if you work perhaps then you might decide to take your leave during a period over which most people don’t typically travel. When the demand is low, the supply pretty much remains the same, so there’s no other option than to drop the prices.

Frequent traveller perks

Frequent travellers often inevitably come across some of the perks available to frequent travellers as they gain some experience with regards to organising their trips. For example, you learn of some online booking platforms which offer cheaper rates than what you’d get if you went direct, unlocking further savings through the loyalty and rewards programmes those platforms usually have in place for frequent travellers. The perks can be anything from a small percentage off your next hotel room to something like a complimentary night.

Developing a knack for sniffing out discounts and special offers

The previously discussed frequent traveller perks frequent travellers get in on and make full use of probably form part of what is a developed knack for sniffing out discounts and special offers, but it goes way beyond the usual travel elements such as accommodation, flight tickets and the entertainment on offer at the specific destination. This knack for sniffing out special offers and discounts is carried into the typical frequent traveller’s everyday life, so something as seemingly unrelated as a Party Casino bonus code would result in some savings which can then be redirected to funding the travels.

The savings may be small, but everything adds up in the end.