Why Coffee Is the Favorite Drink in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi coffee (qahwa) is usually coarsely ground Arabica, which is known for its bitterness and special taste of spices. The rich taste of coffee in Saudi Arabia does not allow you to confuse it with any other coffee. The brew method and the features of serving the drink at home or in a coffee shop all depend on the region. However, it is a favorite treat in Saudi Arabia, and the history of coffee itself dates back to the 15th century.

Al-Qahwa is a symbol of hospitality in Saudi Arabia

It is hard to imagine hospitality without the tradition of drinking Al-Qahwa. If you come as a guest to the best coffee shop in Jeddah, you will be offered a cup of coffee. It is impossible to imagine any social events and traditional family treats without this drink. Since it has a characteristic bitter taste, you will always be offered something sweet with coffee: dates, candied fruits, or nuts.

Also, in Saudi Arabia, baristas do not mind when cafeteria visitors dilute their coffee with cream or milk or add a little sugar. Thanks to these tricks, coffee becomes even tastier.

How to drink coffee correctly?

If you do not make an order at the restaurant but come as a guest, the following rules await you:

  • The drink is served hot; it is poured in small portions so that it cools down quickly.
  • Only the host has the right to pour coffee for guests.
  • The coffee pot is held in the left hand and the cups are in the right.
  • The dearest people are treated first.

Pay attention: if you were poured a full cup, this is not generosity but a subtle hint that it is time for you to go home.

How to prepare real Saudi coffee?

Lightly roasted grains are used for cooking. The classic version of the drink is prepared on fire until the first foam appears. In the end, it is worth adding cardamom and other spices, thanks to which the drink has a pleasant spicy aroma.

Saudi Arabia coffee shops offer other recipes, as well as drinks prepared in coffee machines. However, the characteristic taste, aroma, and characteristics of coffee are preserved, so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it.

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