Why choose Catania Airport Taxi Service?

Are you looking for an affordable, comfortable and secure airport – transfer to and from Catania Airport? If so, Catania’s professional driver is the best answered prayer for you. They have professional taxi drivers who are always ready and available to give you a convenient airport transfer like no other.

At Catania Airport Taxi, all drivers are polite, friendly and helpful. They proudly offer their vehicle park, which consists of new and well maintained private vehicles such as Mercedes limousines of the highest class. You can ensure that you will experience trouble-free driving in a very comfortable cabin.

But still there are some tricks to handle some critical situations to ensure to make your travel much easier.

  1. The customer is indignant with the long waiting or delivery of customers on other hotels in a group transfer

Perhaps, the client wants to save money, but he is too spoiled by individual transfers. The fact that in a group transfer waiting time is not limited, he forgot.

What to do?

Calm the unconscious and remind him of the conditions he agreed to. It is too late to be outraged.

Tip: Always check to see if the customer knows exactly what he subscribes to. Not all customers are willing to wait patiently until the rest of the tourists gather.

  1. The driver refuses to drive a small child without a child seat. And was it ordered?

The driver knows the rules of transport of small children – this time. Clients of your company entrusted all the nuances to you – these are two, and you “pierced” – and this is three. So the tourist voyage began not with a comfortable trip and a review of the beauties, but with discussions with the driver on elevated tones.

What to do?

Take a taxi with a less principled driver and endanger the safety of the child or send a messenger for the car seat, although who will agree to wait so long?

Advice: it is better to avoid this problem by all means. But it’s very easy to do this: always ask the age of the child and take care of the “equipment” for the transfer.

  1. The luggage does not fit in the car, and the driver refuses to drive customers

It is too late to ascertain the fact that tourists have come to the resort or come back from a trip not with a knapsack, but with a house on wheels. This problem is extremely relevant for shopping areas.

What to do?

You need to take everything you can take with you into the car. The rest of the baggage will have to be taken by taxi to one of the passengers. This is agreed on the spot.

Advice: remind customers in advance that each of the tourists can pick up only one suitcase and one piece of hand baggage with them in the car. Always check the baggage from the supplier and deliver the information to the customer. This is the best deal that you can think of.