Which airports in the UK have the most expensive parking?

Travelling abroad can be expensive enough without spending an extortionate amount of money on airport parking services. If you are planning on travelling for work or escaping to somewhere hot and sandy this spring, it is definitely worth thinking about the cost of airport parking.

Not all airport car parking services are priced equally. It should come as no surprise to most travellers that parking in London can add a hefty sum to the price of their holiday.

A study of internet search data conducted by UK travel insurance provider Staysure found that London airports cost an average of 3.70 more per day in comparison with non-London airports. This amounts to adding an extra 15 per week to the overall holiday cost.

If you are flying from a London airport and are planning on making use of its car park facilities, there is one surefire way of keeping the cost down – namely, booking in advance. Passengers flying from London Luton airport have the most to gain from planning ahead, with the chance to make a total saving of as much as 141.49.

By contrast, with a cost difference of just 35 between booking in advance and booking on the day, the airport parking facilities at Stansted Airport will set you back the least of any London airport if you aren’t someone who books in advance. The lowest cost difference of any airport in the country belongs to Belfast, where passengers save just 25 by pre-booking their airport parking.

But which non-London airport will cost travellers the most to park on the day? By far the most expensive airport car parking facility outside the capital is Edinburgh. If you’re flying from Edinburgh Airport make sure you book in advance to save yourself 77. However, getting access to platforms that can provide people with a price comparison of airport parking, can help them in saving their money. people might be able to save with trinqoo.com and other such websites which could be beneficial for them.

Coming back to the stats, despite the high percentage of flyers in the UK who depart from London airports – 3 out of every 5 UK passengers in 2017 flew from Heathrow – London airport parking facilities are nowhere near as popular as those outside the capital.

Only 0.83% of passengers – not even 1 in 100 of those who fly from Heathrow – make use of its parking facilities. Of all the airports surveyed, Heathrow has the lowest passenger of flyers looking for parking in relation to its passenger volume.

By contrast a massive 10.78% – 1 in 10 passengers – at Bristol Airport were looking for airport parking according to the Staysure study – the highest of any UK airport. This indicates high competition for parking spaces at Bristol.

The same was true of Manchester, which ranks highest for online search results for airport parking of any airport in the UK. There are three times as many searches for airport parking facilities at Manchester Airport than there are at London Heathrow.

The study indicates that at least 1 in 20 passengers at Manchester make use of airport parking, roughly 5.6% of all the people that fly from there. As with Bristol, airport parking facilities at Manchester are therefore likely to be in high demand, so if you’re flying from Manchester Airport make sure you book in advance to save money and avoid stress on the day.

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