The best way to buy CBD is to source it online from reputable vendors and suppliers, allowing you to have many options and confirm CBD quality before ordering anything. In-store CBD shopping is also an option but it means compromising on product quality and variety, as this article explains.

If you are here to know where to find CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, this article is for you. It does not offer medical advice in favor of CBD but helps you know where to source CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Of course, the all-time best CBD shopping option is to go online and look it up from trustworthy suppliers like JustCBD.uk that guarantee product variety and quality in CBD through 3rd party test results. You can also find CBD locally in vape stores and head shops in Newcastle-upon-Tyne but you will not have the many options and unlimited product information that online shopping makes possible. Here is all about CBD Edibles in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, beginning with CBD basics.

CBD Basics

Have you ever wondered what CBD is? Many have. According to Mascal et al. (2019) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in cannabis plants. Such compounds are collectively called cannabinoids, and CBD is one of them. As noted by the studies above, many relate to it for expressing the expected results without making you high. Unlike THC, one of the most sought cannabinoids that makes you high only feels mellow after taking CBD. Can you legally enjoy CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne?

Can You Legally Buy CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK?

CBD is legal in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and people buy, sell, access, and use it without a mess. However, you must observe the British cannabis laws that bind all UK countries, including Newcastle-upon-Tyne, when it comes to CBD legality. CBD is legal only if it comes from hemp. Hemp is no longer a Controlled Substance, but cannabis is, as dictated in the GOV.UK website. Secondly, you can enjoy CBD hassle-free in Newcastle-upon-Tyne if it has less than 0.02% THC per dry weight. You can enjoy CBD that ticks the two boxes in the classes below;

CBD Categories in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

When going to shop CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, you must know the three CBD categories below for what they mean;

  1. Isolate CBD; is CBD in the purest form possible; it has no extra compounds but CBD.
  2. Full-spectrum CBD; is a CBD extreme with many side compounds than CBD. You will find THC, terpene, flavonoids, and many other compounds in it.
  3. Broad-spectrum CBD; do you the many compounds in full-spectrum CBD but cannot dare it because it has THC? Broad-spectrum CBD makes a better alternative to full-spectrum CBD since it has many components but THC.

No CBD category is inferior; the three classes ensure you get CBD in the form you want. What you choose mirrors your preference; pure CBD or CBD with extra cannabis compounds.

CBD Products in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The following products are available in the Newcastle-upon-Tyne CBD market, and you can explore them for CBD benefits;

  1. CBD oils and tinctures; feature high-proof alcohols or oils as the bases, and are best added to meals for effective delivery.
  2. CBD edibles; if you interested to mask CBD bitterness? CBD edibles like gummies and brownies slow down effects but perfectly mask CBD bitterness.
  3. CBD capsules; may be slow in delivery but offer consistent results, making them the best delivery method if you want CBD effects over an extended period.
  4. CBD vapes; do you want the fastest CBD delivery? Vapes are the answer, although some cannot opt for them since they irritate the lungs and throat.
  5. CBD topicals; many use CBD for skin care, inflammation, and joint (although the cannabinoid has not proven to treat such problems), and here is where topicals like creams and balms come in handy. They allow you to feel CBD effects without getting the cannabinoid into your bloodstream but are yet to be proven effective.

Where to Buy CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Online Options

The best CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne is available online in reputable brands like JustCBD.uk that allow you to view 3rd party test results, research enough about a brand, and pose your questions before buying CBD so that you are certain about the quality of CBD you buy. Besides, online shopping allows you the convenience of having CBD come to your door (and not you looking for it), Vape Pen Batteries, so you have all the time to focus on other things. We cannot overemphasize the many brands and product options that online shopping provides, making it possible for you to get quality CBD at friendly prices.

Where to Buy CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK: In-Store Shopping

You can find JustCBD.uk gummies, edibles, oils, vapes, tinctures, and more in Newcastle-upon-Tyne stores. Many vape stores, organic shops, natural health outlets, and head shops in Newcastle-upon-Tyne stock CBD in various forms, and you can walk into one to find your favorite. This does not need you to pay delivery fees or wait for your orders to arrive in a day or two, so it may seem cheap. However, the lack of 3rd party test results (more easily available online) and a company’s background may make things messy when you realize you bought low-quality picks. Yet, it pains more if you had to pay more, which is likely the case in in-store shopping.

Finding Quality CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Do you want CBD Infused Edibles or other deliverables in Newcastle-upon-Tyne? Your concern should be finding quality products independent of the shopping method. Thus, you want to remember the following as you shop for CBD in Newcastle-upon-Tyne;

  1. CBD does not treat or cure anything, so avoid brands that make outlandish claims about it.
  2. Ensure your edible, vape, or capsule comes from hemp and features less than 0.02% THC per dry weight.
  3. Capitalize on full-spectrum formulated CBD so you can tap into CBD benefits and the side compounds it has.
  4. Research the company whose CBD you want to confirm its market reputation before any orders.

UK Cannabis Laws: Medical Cannabis in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Marijuana has been prohibited in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the rest of the UK since 1928 and still is. However, thanks to the many years of advocacies, people with certain medical conditions can have medical cannabis from its stores in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, as The Guardian (2018) article noted. Still, it is not easy to access medical cannabis, and children with severe epilepsy and adults with chemo-nausea and MS are the key beneficiaries of medical cannabis in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The Medical Cannabis Clinics (2022) reports that one needs a doctor’s prescription besides the eligible medical condition to legally buy medical cannabis from its stores.

Recreational Cannabis and Delta- 8 THC in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

The UK is zero-tolerant to marijuana, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne is no exception. Thus, you don’t want to be caught with cannabis here. Possessing cannabis is punishable by up to 5 years in jail, a fine, or both. Distributing marijuana is illegal and you may stay in jail for 14 years or more because of this, or worse off, suffer both. THC is a controlled substance in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and so is delta- 8 THC, it’s variant. Thus, you should not legally possess or use delta- 8 THC in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


CBD is legal in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and you can find it online or in stores. Online shopping is the best way to go since it allows you to confirm product quality through its 3rd party test results and unlimited brand background information. Besides, you can take advantage of financial incentives from well-established brands like JustCBD.uk to save on purchases with online shopping. Some CBD fans may prefer to shop CBD in-store, which is ok, but they will not have as many options as online. Either way, the ultimate goal is to crack quality in any product you buy regardless of the method.


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