When You Can Travel After Breast Augmentation Surgery

You likely already understand that you will be mildly incapacitated after your breast implant surgery. The meds from the sedation won’t completely wear off for a little while. Most patients take close to a week to regain all of their physical faculties.

If you’re planning to travel soon after your breast augmentation surgery, it’s important that you understand the boundaries created for your body by the augmentation. After your breast augmentation surgery Denver way, or wherever you had the surgery, you should have been briefed on the dangers of doing too much too soon. Traveling too early after surgery can bring on some painful complications.

Check out a few helpful guidelines for post-op travel, and keep the ladies safe as you relocate.

Things to be careful about

Even after your two week resting period, there are several things you will need to consider before you travel. You don’t need to lift anything heavier than 5-10 pounds, so carrying a heavy suitcase won’t be feasible.

You need to be careful about what you are exposing your skin to after surgery. If you get an infection in your breast implant surgery site, you could face some very troubling consequences. It’s best to rest until you feel you are back to normal.

How long should you wait to fly

No matter your method of travel, you should always put off traveling until after you have had at least a week for your body to heal. However, it is recommended that you wait two weeks before traveling.

If you have to get out to fly home after surgery, you need to consult your surgeon. Every human body is different, and only your physician can make an informed decision about whether or not you should fly.

How long until you can take a road trip

Riding in a car for a long time can be super challenging after breast augmentation surgery. You won’t be okay to take a road trip directly out of surgery. You will need to hole up in a hotel or at a friend’s house before you get in the car to ride across the country.

The two-week rule still stands. Riding in a car can be extremely restrictive, and you could be subjected to unexpected jerks and bumps that won’t fare well for your pain levels. You will also have a drain in your body that you won’t want to get pinched, tied up, or torn out.

Plan your surgery accordingly

If you have to travel for your surgery, it’s best to make arrangements for a place to stay while you heal.  You won’t be able to jump on a plane right after you’re released. In fact, you will do better to have someone with you to help 24 hours a day for at least a week.  Use these guidelines to plan your surgery accordingly.

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