What’s the best type of family accommodation for a mid-length trip?

Whilst this year may be a right off in terms of holidays abroad, that does not stop you from planning your next getaway with the family. Europe is a good destination to travel to for those in the UK due in part to the ease of access and a wide variety of cultures and countries to visit.

Many choose to visit on a gap year, but more families are looking for adventures abroad with the comfort of accessible family accommodation. In today’s blog, we have a look at the different kinds of accommodation available across Europe and which one would be best for your family trip.

  • Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments can make a good family accommodation option due to their versatility, both in terms of location and length of stay. If you are on a leg of your stay where you want to settle down for a bit a take in the location, serviced apartments are very flexible in terms of the timeframe that you can stay in. The added features of a kitchen and dining room will also make it easier to spend time together on your stay.

  • Budget hotels

If you are looking to save money when travelling, budget hotels can make good inexpensive family accommodation. They offer all the basics that you need and can be a good way to secure a bed for a night. That being said if you are travelling with a family, they can be difficult to spend extended periods in. This is why we recommend them for layovers if you need a place to stay overnight.

  • Luxury hotels

Luxury Resort hotel is a good option if you are on a no-expense-spared trip and want to unwind with your family. You will be able to find plenty of these in the major European cities, but it may be more challenging to find them in rural parts of many countries. That being said, this is a good family accommodation if you can afford it.

  • Hostels

If you are looking to keep costs down on your trip, hostels can be a good family accommodation option if no budget hotels are available. If you do decide on this type of accommodation, we recommend securing a family room for added comfort and security.

  • Online rentals

The modern age means many are now renting out space for travellers to stay, ranging from rooms to whole apartments. The various online sites have reduced the friction between transactions making it even easier to book this type of family accommodation. Another good reason to choose this accommodation is the wide range of locations that you can find cheap rental options.

What accommodation should I go for?

Picking the right accommodation doesn’t have to be hard, and if you are going on a longer trip you can always mix and match with different options. Just remember the basics; check online reviews, prices, and ease of access to amenities for all of the family accommodation that you book.

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