What You Must Pack for a Comfortable Walking Holiday

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Walking holidays are very popular with so many beautiful areas to trek around in the UK. If you have never done it before, there are certain things you need to be aware of, like what to pack to take with you.

Comfortable Boots

It makes sense that if you are going on a walking holiday adventure your feet need to be comfortable, so this is the first thing you should pack. You do not want blisters and sores on your feet or you possibly will not be walking very far.

Warm Clothing

There should always be some warm clothing in your rucksack as temperatures can change very quickly if you are walking in hills and valleys. Fortunately, this need not be something that will weigh you down. Minus 33 Merino Wool Clothing, Wool Socks, Wool Hats, Wool Underwear, are all lightweight, but they absolutely will keep you warm if the need arises. Roll them up and add them to your pack and you’ll be ready for the worst.

A Set Of Waterproofs

If you get caught in a heavy rainstorm, you will be so pleased you packed a set of waterproof clothing. Just like with the warm clothing they do not need to be heavy, they just need to be good enough to do the job.

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A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is essential in case you have a minor accident and need plasters or something similar. You should also make sure you pack an adequate supply of any medication you have to take.

A Hat

If the sun is blaring down you will need a hat to protect your head and eyes. Without one, you may not be able to see properly and that could cause you to fall. It can also be the reason for headaches.

In the cooler months you may need a warmer hat to keep your heat in, as we lose a lot of body heat through our heads.

Paper Maps

These will not take up much room and could be a lifesaver. We are all so reliant on technology they are often forgotten. If you get lost in an area that has no Internet reception, your navigation app will not be much use. The paper maps are meant as a back up in if this situation happens.

Water and Snacks

People often underestimate how long it will take to walk from one place to another, and perhaps are thinking they will pick up food and drink at their next destination. That is fine is nothing goes wrong, but what if it does? What if you sprain an ankle, for instance, and need help for the rest of the way? That will slow everyone down and without water and snacks you may find it harder to carry on. Even if nothing goes wrong, you should always keep hydrated and your energy levels high, so these are vital every day of your walking holiday.

There is no doubt other things you want to take, but remember you are going to be carrying them If you want to have t-shirts for the warmer weather that is fine, just do not overload yourself. Visit FRoutlet.com to learn more about comfortable work clothing.