What to Wear On a Long Haul Flight

When was the last time you were on a long flight for a business trip or vacation? How was the experience? I cannot help but imagine how sickening it might have been during your last trip. Long flights are traditionally dull and tedious, but you can change the narrative with few adjustments.

The way you present yourself will determine whether your travel will be enjoyable or not. Long flights are not easy, thus the need for decent dressing, among other factors.

Below are insights on what to wear on a long haul flight.

Go for Loose Pants

Modern-day societies are somehow inclined to fitting clothes since they look fashionable. Although they are suitable for the look, they are not the right clothing for your long flight.

Most of you have been on a flight before, but I am not sure if it lasted more than 4 hours. Do not mistake a four hour flight for a long flight. These are medium flights that can withstand any clothing.

Most jeans are tight and fashionable but are only right for short flights. To be comfortable in these long flights, you have to go for loose pants, especially in the top areas. For as long as the flight is not an emergency, take enough time to plan and acquire the right pants for the same.


The attire you choose for your feet when on a long flight cannot be the same as those of a short trip. On long trips, you will often have to take off the shoes to allow a smooth flow of blood to your legs.

You are thus advised to go for sneakers. These shoes are comfortable to wear and remove, making it easy for you. Keeping your shoes on all the time leaves you feeling tired and your feet sore.

Others opt for open shoes, which are a bit dangerous due to changes in weather. At times, it reaches a point where it is too cold for your bare feet. The best approach to prevent these inconveniences is by buying some sneakers.


If you have been on a plane before, you know how frustrating it can be when the people near you are noisy. It especially becomes complicated when they are speaking a different language. All their conversations turn out to be a distraction to you.

Imagine traveling for over ten hours with such individuals? You will struggle to catch some sleep, no matter how hard you try. The best approach to counter this challenge is through a pair of earplugs. These are specialized equipment that act as sound insulators.

There is no better way to sleep fast enough other than through the use of this unique equipment. Different firms offer earplugs in diverse models from which you get to choose.

For an average human, it might be easy to fall asleep initially, but any loud sound will suddenly wake you up. Upon getting up, it will be challenging to go to your original form of sleep. These are the circumstances that this equipment helps to avoid. If you’re looking for some more ways to drift off to sleep quicker or enjoy better sleep quality while on the plane, you might wish to look into various sleep supplements or natural remedies such as the Kava plant that’s known to be grown on islands across the Pacific ocean. The kava plant has been hailed to better a person’s sleep tremendously if used correctly.

Acquire the appropriate earplugs for you and rest as you travel.


You may have previously observed that the majority of the people in the airport waiting to board planes have a scarf around their necks. This is not a coincidence but the right way to do things.

The scarf is a valuable garment in the flight in that it keeps your neck warm. Additionally, it can be used as a blanket instead of having to carry a real blanket to the plane. The same scarf can be modified to be a pillow. This makes it easy for your travel.

Apart from the above functions, the scarf can be used to keep the air you breathe a bit warmer. This lowers the chances of catching a cold during your travels.

A Big Backpack

Although this is not a cloth, it is still something that you wear. A backpack is where you put all you need for your flight. With such a bag, you have a place to put in your sandals as well as some few consumables.

The same bag has special pockets where you put your electronics and travel documents. Electronics will keep you busy but will prove to be hectic when you want to fall asleep. In such instances, your bag comes into play as you will have somewhere to put them.

As an additional use, the bag offers a comfortable sleeping surface. As you rest on the bag, you are also providing security to the valuables in it.

Eye Masks

Traveling for ten hours non-stop is not a joke. You are likely to be overwhelmed by fatigue, thus the need for some sleep. In most cases, it happens that the night before travel is the right time to bond with family. After all, you will be away for some time before meeting them again.

All the activities associated with the precious moments before boarding the flight means that your sleeping hours are distracted. This will leave you longing for more sleep while on the flight. If this is the case, sleeping masks are here to facilitate the process.

This specialized equipment creates a dark environment that signals the mind to sleep. The good thing about them is that they are comfortable to wear and soft to the eye.

How About Sleep Pillows?

My first time on a flight was fascinating as I wondered why people had round, inflated pillows around their necks. By the time I was at my destination, I had understood the purpose of them. 

Luckily, you don’t have to go through all that hassle like I did. Learn from my case and carry yours in advance.

Neck pillows guarantee you ultimate comfort as you will not have to worry about the positioning of your head once you fall asleep.

Travelling is more than booking that flight and paying for the ticket. It takes more effort and time to achieve the desired comfort for a long trip. The outfit you wear will go a long way in determining how enjoyable the flight is, thus the need to keep it simple and comfortable.

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