What to Pack For Your Next Ski Trip

The snow is falling, the holiday season is picking up and the ski slopes are calling. If you’re the sort of skier who looks forward to hitting the slopes every winter, you may already be eagerly thinking about your next ski trip and starting to look for winter women’s boots online to stay warm and cozy the whole time. Whether you’re going with friends, family or just taking a solo trip, the key to a good ski trip is to come prepared with everything you need to have a great time both on the slopes and off, from snow pants to women’s shoes onlineto your favorite portable blend of hot chocolate mix. As you start to prep for your vacation, make sure you’ve covered the essential items on this compact checklist.

Bring Loads of Weather-Appropriate Clothing and Accessories

Perhaps the number-one most important item to remember to pack when you’re headed for a frozen wonderland is weather-appropriate clothing. For instance, you’ll definitely want to bring sturdy footwear like insulated boots or, for hanging around the lodge, womens suede booties. For ski sessions, snow pants and long-sleeved sweaters or breathable shirts are essential. Of course, you’ll also need a durable winter coat and some key accessories like scarves and gloves or mittens.

Pack Any Ski Equipment You Don’t Plan To Rent

It’s usually an option to rent certain types of special ski equipment right at the lodge or resort itself, but if you already have some pieces of equipment at home, you can save money and time by bringing them along. Especially helmets, ski wax, ski suits are things that you may already have. Some other essential items for your ski excursion include:

  • Skis
  • Poles

You can also take ski goggles, maybe from the likes of Detour Sunglasses – Ski Goggles For Winter would be helpful. Don’t forget to tailor your personal care items to the harsher weather you’ll likely experience at the slopes, too. This is the ideal time to pack your rich, heavy moisturizers and medicated lip balms to protect against chapping that can result from windy, cold weather. You may also want to stash some extra hand cream and face wipes in your bag just in case. Whatever products you bring, make sure you pack and wear sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 every day, since the sun’s rays can still be powerful in the winter.

Don’t Forget To Pack Some Seasonal Favorite Snack Options

Last but, for snack fans, most certainly not least, don’t forget to toss some of your favorite seasonal snacks into your bag. Aim for a blend of healthier snacks to power you through energy-heavy ski sessions and little indulgences to really enjoy your time on vacation. Some typical wintry favorites include hot chocolate mixes, snickerdoodle cookies, marshmallow treats, pumpkin spiced oatmeal and spiced fruit tea.

Nothing screams seasonal celebration quite like hitting the slopes in cool temperatures and enjoying the beauty of nature in the winter. However, in order to really be able to relax and enjoy your vacation, it’s imperative to pack thoroughly so you won’t be lacking anything important. Packing your bags might sound like a chore, but with this list, you can quickly and easily make sure you’re ready for a great ski trip. Be sure to bring seasonally appropriate clothes and boots, and you’ll be all set for a wonderful time!