What to expect from a city break vs a beach break

The word holiday usually invokes the idea of sand beaches and long days spent in the sunshine, however, many holidaymakers have begun to opt for city breaks over the traditional beach and coastal getaways. 

To make sure you pick the right option, make sure you know what you are getting yourself in for with a city or beach break. 

Round 1: Level of relaxation 

This can be a tricky one to judge. Whilst it is certainly possible to book a city break in serviced accommodation that caters to your every need, this is somewhat of a waste. In a city, you will be faced with fast-moving traffic and pedestrians, and god forbid, tourists

Depending on the type of coastal resort you are visiting (i.e. not a ibiza boat hire) you will probably have a more relaxed time. Beach breaks will give you time to read, recline under the sun and enjoy the food at your pace. 

Round 2: Activities 

Cities by their very nature have a lot going on. They are packed full of museums, zoos and other tourist-oriented activities. Whilst this will depend on the city you visit, a city break will unusually provide you with plenty to do. 

If you are embarking on a beach break, chances are you will not want to visit too many attractions. That being said, you can find some beach resorts that will run plenty of activities included in the total accommodation price. 

Round 3: Value for money 

The final round is a difficult one; as it will depend on which city and beach break you take. As city breaks are usually planned over long weekends, you tend to fill your days. This leads to you doing more while spending less (usually). 

In beach retreats, you can sometimes be hit with high food costs, especially if it’s not all-inclusive. That being said if you go to an affordable location you will still get good value for money. 


So it’s a tie. Yes, it’s a bit of a cop-out but the truth is everything has pros and cons and your holiday location is no different. If you are looking for a short but sweet break, packed full of activities, a city break is perfect. However, if you want to relax a bit more and class yourself as a bit of a sun seeker, a beach break is the best option. Whichever holiday type you decide on, make sure you find the right serviced accommodation to make your stay as comfortable as possible.