What to Do with Your Things When Travelling Long Term

Imagine the thrill of travelling long term, discovering new places, indulging in new experiences, and making memories that last a lifetime. However, there’s one crucial consideration that can pose a challenge: what to do with your things? 

Here’s your comprehensive guide to managing your belongings efficiently while you’re off to conquer the world.

Long-Term Self Storage

One practical solution is to put your items into long-term self-storage. This is an excellent option if you have possessions you can’t part with, such as sentimental items or high-value belongings. Storage facilities provide a secure environment where your stuff will be safe and sound until you return.

Think about what you need to store and how much space you’ll need. A storage facility often provides different options, from small lockers to large rooms. Also, consider the location and how often you’ll need access, if at all, while you’re away. Security is paramount, so ensure that the facility has appropriate measures in place.

Be organised when packing your items into storage. Clearly label boxes, and make an inventory list. This will make unpacking much more straightforward when you return. Keep in mind that items such as electronics may need special storage conditions, like climate control.

Scott Evans, a storage expert from Pink Storage Cardiff says that “Using a self-storage unit when travelling is one of the safest ways of keeping your belongings safe. It’s also more affordable than keeping your existing home.”

Selling Your Stuff Online

When you’re travelling long term, it’s an excellent opportunity to declutter your life. Selling items online can be an effective way of reducing your belongings while also pocketing some extra cash. Platforms such as eBay, Gumtree, or Facebook Marketplace are great places to start.

To make the most of selling your items online, presentation is key. Take clear photos and write detailed descriptions. Be honest about the condition of your items; this will help to avoid any potential disputes. Remember to factor in shipping costs when pricing your items or opt for local pickup only.

Car Boot Sales

If you’re more of a traditionalist and enjoy face-to-face interactions, selling your items at car boot sales can be a fun and rewarding experience. A Sunday morning spent selling your things from the boot of your car can be surprisingly profitable.

A few tips for car boot sales: make sure your items are clean and well-presented. Price your items reasonably and be prepared to haggle—it’s all part of the fun. It’s also essential to be ready early, as many dedicated bargain hunters turn up at the crack of dawn.

Donating to Charity

Donating items to charity is another excellent option for what to do with your things when travelling long term. Not only are you decluttering your life, but you’re also helping a good cause.

There are numerous charity shops across the UK, many of which would greatly appreciate your unwanted items. Ensure that whatever you plan to donate is in good condition, clean and usable. Your old books, clothing, or kitchen appliances could make a big difference to someone else.

Friends and Family

Why not give some of your items to friends or family? This is a great way to ensure your belongings go to a good home, especially if they’re items of sentimental value.

Before you start offering everything to everyone you know, consider if they’ll genuinely want or need it. It’s important not to use loved ones as a dumping ground for your unwanted stuff. However, it can be a great feeling to see someone else get joy from your items, knowing they’re in safe hands.


There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to what to do with your things when travelling long term. Whether you opt for long-term self storage, selling your stuff online or at car boot sales, donating items to charity, or giving your items to friends or family, it’s all about what works best for you.