What to Do In Camden

As things are starting to go back to normal with the relaxation of the lockdown and air travel, the city of London is about to host visitors from around the globe once again. However, it may take some time before we get there, but with strict adherence to social distancing and sanitisation, there is so much to do in the capital city. Several spots around areas in London including Camden are starting to reopen, so if you are visiting, there is plenty to do around this time.

We have created this guide to help you locate where the fun is in Camden town.

Plonk Golf, Camden

You do not need to have professional golfing skills to have fun at Plonk Golf’s Camden venue. It is just the perfect place, especially since you must have been thirsting for some fun since the lockdown. The mini 9-hole golf course is at the heart of the Victorian horse stables in Camden Market, covering 6 units and featuring a lively tropical theme. The mini-golf course has Plonk’s classic obstacles (or golfstacles) including jumps and balancing beams. The BYOB venue makes a perfect stop for a night out with friends.

Explore the Arts

Camden town has a reputation for its musical heritage and vibrant art scenes and side attractions. When you are in Camden, visit The Roundhouse if are looking for theatrical performances, then take a walk on the streets to see street arts by popular artists including Banksy. Make a stop by The Cob Gallery to see some edgy art on display.

Go to Camden Market

If you are looking for the coolest place to spend some time, then Camden Market must at the top of your list. If you are a shopaholic, then you will love the Camden market, especially if your style and taste are considered unconventional. Camden Market isn’t just an entity; it is a collection of more than a thousand shops, eateries, stalls with different names offering a variety of goods.  You can find anything at Camden Market from handcrafted goods to vintage clothes, and unique items like vinyl records and antiques.

Soak in Live Music

You have many options when it comes to live music, but The Jazz Cafe is probably one that you should never miss. Located in the heart of Camden, The Jazz Cafe is one spot where you will hear the music modern legends of jazz, world music, funk, soul, dance and hip hop. This spot was made for the music lover, and if this sounds like you, this should get you excited. Ensure you book your tickets ahead so that you can get a spot even on peak days. Treat yourself to musical performances by bands and singers. Other great spots include The Blues Kitchen and The Fiddler’s Elbow.

Visit a Pub

Did you visit Camden if you did not check out any of the pubs? The town is packed with pubs, and it’s almost impossible to miss especially if you want to enjoy a glass or two with your mates. Visit iconic spots like The Hawley, which has been around for many years, and used to be a playground for some of UK’s superstars and celebrities.