What to Consider When Traveling Abroad in the UK

The UK is a prime tourism destination for a reason; its global historical significance, its ties to some of the finest culinary professionals in the world, and of course, the attractions and general atmosphere all bring in people from around the world every year. 

However, while the UK is extremely tourist-friendly, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to just book a flight and see how things go. 

Some things are a little different, and if you’re traveling abroad, you should be prepared with at least a little bit of knowledge of the region. 

So, we’re going to cover things such as boarding, the top spots to find the best food, and some of the attractions you should start your trip with. 

Let’s get started. 

1: Boarding in the UK

First off, you’re going to need somewhere to stay, and if you’re coming from somewhere far away, a hotel simply isn’t going to cut it. You don’t want your time in the UK to be muddied up with a cramped “home” and being forced to rely on restaurants and other places for every single meal. 

Instead, we highly recommend booking one of the many serviced apartments in the UK. These function like hotel rooms, and they’re not too much more in terms of price. However, they’re full luxury apartments that are fully furnished. 

You can enjoy private bedrooms, a fully furnished living room, and of course, a fully-functioning kitchen to prepare meals in instead of constantly paying for food out. 

2: Food in the UK

When you go through travel brochures, “top ten” lists, and other things to research for your trip, you’ll probably only find the finest luxury restaurants with global audiences listed. Those are great establishments, but beyond being priced astronomically, they’re also not representative of what the average UK resident considers to be local food. 

Instead of heading out to those highly-advertised spots, consider taking a stroll down literally any commercial street, spot the little gastro pubs the locals are going into, and try those out. 

There are countless high-quality gastro pubs sprinkled across the region, and if you pick the ones locals are enjoying, you can enjoy an authentic UK experience at a fair price. 

3: Attractions

Again, if you look at travel brochures and use them to plan your trip, you’re going to see Big Ben, the royal palace, and a couple of other spots everyone knows about. In reality, the UK is absolutely stuffed with places that are just as interesting and historic but don’t end up in travel brochures. 

Take a look at the Avon Gorge and Clifton Suspension Bridge, or plan a picnic in the park beneath Cabott Tower. Depending on where you’re staying in the UK, consider taking a ride through the countryside and touring some of the castles that still stand to this day. 

Ditch the Brochure and Explore

Most importantly, when you finally get off the plane and start your UK adventure, ditch the brochure entirely. The UK has so much more to offer than what’s peddled to tourists, and if you step outside of your comfort zone, you’re sure to have a memorable journey.