What is the Ideal Time Period for any Trip?

If we’re completely honest about it, everything that has anything to do with planning a trip comes down to the budget you have to work with, doesn’t it? It’s the amount of money you have access to for that trip which dictates how long you’re going to stay, what type of accommodation you’re going to be lodging in, what activities you have planned to get lost in while you’re at your destination, and which destination you’re going to visit in the first place.

That said, however, let’s say money wasn’t an object, what would the ideal time be to spend at any destination you’re looking to find some short term accommodation in?

That in itself also depends on a number of variables to consider, but generally speaking, there are a few key pointers to consider in trying to arrive at what would be a universally acceptable answer.

What kind of traveller are you?

Most of us who travel dream of doing it on more of a full-time basis, much in the like of travel bloggers or vloggers. With that ambition in mind the most natural gravitation would be towards proclaiming that wherever you go you’d want to be able to stay for as long as possible.

Even the most seasoned of long-term travellers will point to just how dangerous this way of thinking is, because as humans we tend to fill out all the time we think we have available to us. You might consequently find that you stayed on after yet another extension on your short-term accommodation, in favourite travel destination such as Clifton, Bristol, yet you still haven’t got around to doing all the things you set out to do in that particular destination. Just visit this part of the country during festival season and you’ll know exactly what we mean! It’s very easy to lose track of the time you go on to spend in total, in relation to the time you set out to stay in the beginning.

How do you access your travel money?

There are indeed advantages either way, so it’s a matter of how you structure the organisation of your accommodation with regards to whether you access your money upfront, as a lump-sum, or indeed if you perhaps get it in intermittent intervals, like a little bit each week. Of course what this means is that you’d have to navigate the type of accommodation you ideally target, such as how even if you really wanted to, you might not be able to negotiate a long-term deal if you access your money in small amounts, intermittently.

Clearly defining the gist of your travels

How long you should seek to stay in any location, on any trip, should come down to what the gist of your trip is. It’s definitely recommended to leave room for some spontaneity, but generally, you want to have the main elements planned out so that no matter how long or short your stay is, you come away from it satisfied.

Consequently, there’s no definitive time-frame we can universally agree on.