What Is Proofreading in an Essay?

The vast majority of students or applicants, when writing an essay, focus primarily on the content and the ideas being communicated. And this is absolutely correct since people convince each other by conveying the meanings enclosed in words. However, due to the fact that almost all attention is paid to the content, the form of presentation may not be as perfect as the author would like. The text may include:

  • mistakes
  • typos
  • repeats
  • incorrect terms

To clear the text of them, professional admissions editors from EssayEdge come into play. Their task is to bring the text to perfection so that the form is as impressive as the content. 

Why Is It Important to Submit Essays to Professional Proofreaders?

It is desirable that the proofreading of the text is not done by its author for various reasons:

  • the author cannot evaluate his text objectively
  • he may not know all the smallest rules of grammar or punctuation
  • the proofreader acts as the first reader whose impressions are valuable for understanding what effect the essay will have on the admissions committee

What Is Included in the Tasks of the Proofreader

Do not expect a proofreader to do editorial work. He will not change the structural parts, the tone, or the style of the narrative. This is what editors do. The responsibilities of a proofreader include the mechanical verification of the correctness of the text:

  • grammar and spelling
  • punctuation and typos 
  • missing and repetitive words,
  • formatting text

Why Text Proofreading Can’t Be Trusted With Automatic Tools

Some believe that the services of built-in editors are enough to eliminate all errors. They run an automatic check after writing the text and ease up with this. Of course, this is better than not checking the text at all and submitting it as a draft. However, the automatic algorithms that are currently available to users are not yet perfect. Sometimes they make funny corrections where everything was in order and do not notice errors where they should have been corrected. Therefore, when writing important works, such as an admission essay, it is better to trust professionals than artificial intelligence.

Some Essay Proofreading Tips

  • Do not start proofreading immediately after completing the text. It is significant to switch to something else for a while so that later you can look at your text from the side.
  • Do not proofread text from a computer screen, as errors will be more likely to be detected in a typed version due to a change in perspective.
  • Read the text several times, with each new reading focusing on different types of errors. For example, first read it in relation to grammar, then punctuation, and so on.

High-quality proofreading is a laborious process that requires the full attention and perseverance of a laborer. This is an additional factor why it is better to give an essay for proofreading to professionals. The EssayEdge team is ready to meticulously approach each written word and the comma you put in order for the text to become perfect. With such highly qualified assistance, you will surely achieve what you want and get the long-awaited approval of your application.

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