What is a shortfill e-liquid?

Before Tobacco Product Directive (TPD) regulations came into effect in May 2016, you were able to stock up on your favourite nicotine e-liquids by purchasing bigger bottles – reducing the need for frequent buying. That’s no longer allowed and there is a limit on bottle size, meaning that e-liquids containing nicotine cannot be sold in bottles larger than 10ml – however shortfills provide a convenient way around this.

It seems that many people have begun to vape because of the regulation changes. Another reason is that most people are now aware that smoking has been proven to cause cancer, which can kill you, but vaping does not cause as much harm to our bodies. That is why vaporizers are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. You can learn more about vaporizers by visiting the blog pages of websites such as SKNR (sknr.net).

What is a shortfill e-liquid?

Shortfills are the latest trend in vaping. As their name suggests, they are e-liquids that are sold in bottles of 50ml or more and part-filled with nicotine-free e-liquid. There’s enough space at the top of the bottle for you to add a nicotine shot (or ‘nic shot’) to balance out the e-liquid to your required strength. Additionally, you can get CBD shortfills or vape refills, if that is what you are looking for. Well, you may need to decide what you are using the vape for. For instance, you might be using it to help with sleeping. In that case, you can read up on blogs (similar to the ones by News Anyway) online that can provide appropriate information about vaping for sleep assistance.

Who’s buying shortfill e-liquid?

Shortfills increased in popularity after TPD was implemented – and it’s no surprise when they are easily mixed and ready to vape in just a few minutes. Moreover, you can easily smoke CBD with the help of a vaporizer. Your reasons for smoking can be various, for instance, insomnia, panic attacks and anxiety, sports injury (check this out to learn about CBD benefits), etc., but vapes and CBD shortfills can prove beneficial in all these situations.

Another great thing about shortfill e-juice is that you can customise the nicotine strength to ensure it satisfies your cravings. If you prefer a high nicotine strength, you needn’t worry about creating the perfect e-cig juice around the 10ml TPD regulations with a shortfill.

E-liquids with high VG (Vegetable Glycerine) levels are an excellent choice for cloud chasers. The extra e-liquid in shortfills is ideal for devices that use more juice – saving you the hassle of having to purchase more e-juice or carry more than one bottle around with you to refill the tank.

How to use shortfill e-liquid?

Mixing a shortfill e-liquid is easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Remove the lid from your shortfill e-liquid bottle, followed by the inner drip cap.
  2. Add your nicotine shot (pouring it carefully to avoid spillage and wastage).
  3. Replace the drip cap and make sure it’s fitted securely and then put the lid back on the shortfill bottle.
  4. Vigorously shake the bottle for 30-60 seconds until the nicotine shot has mixed with the shortfill.

It’s recommended that you gently shake the bottle every time you go to refill your tank as thicker VG e-liquids don’t bond as quickly as PG (Propylene Glycol) e-liquids.

What is the best shortfill e-liquid?

Cloudstix is a leading supplier of e-liquid in the UK and provides hundreds of flavours, bottle sizes and strengths. 3 of the best e-liquid shortfills they supply include:

  1. The Kingsman Tobacco

Enjoy the flavours of rich Virginia tobacco and subtle hints of hazelnut, caramel and vanilla – topped with luxury espresso with the Kingsman Tobacco e-liquid. Perfect for the discerning connoisseur of vaping, the shortfill is supplied in a 70ml bottle with 50ml e-cig juice – leaving you with sufficient space for 1 or 2 nic shots.

  • Parma Violet Gin

For the gin-lovers: Parma Violet Gin e-liquid is sweet on the inhale and smooth on the exhale – as you’d expect from your favourite at the gin bar! Cloudstix supplies 50ml of the e-juice in 60ml bottles – meaning you can add 1 nic shot to achieve your desired nicotine strength.

  • Epic Lemonade

It seems crazy to mix lemonade with lime, honey and crushed ice – we know – but this is exactly what you’ll find with Epic Lemonade e-liquid (plus a secret ingredient!) The shortfill is supplied in 120ml bottles and contains 100ml of e-juice. Cloudstix even supply the shortfill e-juice with 2 free nic shots.

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