What Does the Summer Have in Store for those visiting Bristol?

Summer is finally upon us and many will be looking to get out and about in some of the cities around the UK that truly come alive during June, July, and August.

Bristol is a city that experiences a huge amount of activity when the weather hots up and if you happen to be visiting the city in a serviced apartment here are some of the top events to attend.

St Pauls Carnival (6th of July)

This colourful celebration of diversity and multiculturalism comes to Bristol on the first Saturday of every July and it one of the cities most loved events. Renting a serviced apartment in the city centre will give you access to all of the festivities and provide safe comfortable accommodation once you are ready to call it a day.

Bristol Pride (1-14th of July)

Bristol pride is another of the city’s main events that takes place from the first to the fourteenth of July. The parade takes place in the city centre whilst the act and musical performances are performed on the Downs.

The festivities also continue into the night with various clubs and venues putting on events to support the pride festival. After dancing the night away why not return to a fully serviced apartment to relax and recover?

Bristol Harbour Festival (19-21st July)

The third major event in Bristol over the summer is the famous harbour side festival. The festival takes place from the nineteenth to the twenty first of July and includes music, food stalls, and a whole array of maritime and water sports.

There are plenty of serviced apartments located near the harbour so you can enjoy the festivities whilst relaxing during your visit to the city.

Find a well located Serviced Apartment to Enjoy the Festivities From

As shown there are plenty of events to attend in Bristol this summer if you are looking for a fun few days. If you find a serviced apartment in a great location you will find all areas of Bristol easily accessible and improve your stay a great deal.

The Beech House serviced apartments in Clifton are perfect if you are looking to stay in centrally located accommodation that offers great value for money.

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