What are the Main Differences Between a Serviced Apartment and a Hotel?

When you first start looking at a serviced apartment for your next vacation, business trip, or extended stay, you may think they’re just fancy hotels. That could not be further from the truth.

While serviced apartments and hotels have a lot of things in common, it’s their differences that truly set them apart.

To help you choose between a serviced apartment and a hotel, we’re going to outline those differences, now.

Let’s get started.

Flexibility with Booking

One of the major differences is how long you can stay. Hotels are primarily meant for short stays that don’t last much longer than a few days to a week or two. Unless you book a hotel during the off-season, you’re highly unlikely to be welcome for months at a time regardless of how much you’re paying.

A serviced apartment isn’t like that. They’re built for stays of all lengths. If you’re looking to have a romantic getaway with your partner over the weekend, a serviced apartment can fulfill that need. If you’re going to help build a new branch of your company in another country for months, or even a year, you can book a serviced apartment for that, too.

In short, a serviced apartment can function as a short-term getaway like a hotel, or it can be a home away from home when leasing a property just isn’t an option.

Space and Privacy

When you book a hotel room, you get a little living space that usually combines your bedroom, living area, and kitchen all into one room. Then, you get a tiny bathroom that barely accommodates a single adult. This makes traveling with family a pain, and it’s not ideal for solo travelers, either.

A serviced apartment is exactly what the name implies. You get a whole apartment to yourself. You can book serviced apartments in two or three-bedroom formats, and you get a full-sized kitchen, living area, bedrooms, and at least one full bathroom.

Increased Security

Most hotels do their best to secure your room from unwanted visitors, but there’s only so much modern key card systems can do. Furthermore, the exterior room entrances of many hotels make it possible for intruders to break in without hotel staff even knowing they’re on the premises.

Obviously, that’s not an issue with all hotels since some only have interior room entrances and guarded lobby entryways, but it is an issue with many of them.

At a serviced apartment, you can expect fully functional security cameras, proper deadbolt locks, and with luxury locations, human security personnel around the clock.

This ensures that you, your family, and your belongings are safe at all times.

Optional Services

A serviced apartment will come with the commodities you need and extra goodies just like a hotel, but you can opt to leave certain features out. For example, let’s say you’re on a year-long business trip and can’t afford to have daily cleaning services disrupting you. You can opt to clean your apartment just like you would at home; lowering your bill and leaving you free of disruptions.

On the other hand, if you do not like to waste your vacation time cleaning, you can easily add on maid service and live worry-free for your stay.

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