Ways to keep bugs away during your Outdoor Adventures

Depending on the time of the day, weather, and season, your outdoor adventures may be spectacular or burdened with wasps and thousands of obnoxious bugs bothering you. From late fall to the early months of spring, bugs are less of a concern, and this is the time most people enjoy outdoor adventures. But as summer progresses, there is a good chance there will be an increased number of bugs that might ruin your hiking and other adventure activities. Just like you would protect your home from insects and other winged nuisances with fly screen bunnings, you need to keep yourself protected when out and about, otherwise you may find it to be an itchy adventure.

Most Wilmington wasp extermination experts assert that wasps have a painful sting and different people may have a mild or severe reaction. Therefore, it is essential to learn different ways of preventing bug bites during your outdoor adventures. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe.

1. Your body scent

You must have heard some weird stories about people who attract insects just like moths are attracted by flames. Wouldn’t it be fun if you were to bring such an individual along with you to help keep bugs away from you? Nah, that’s very cruel.

What makes these people bug magnets? In this context, body scent means the specific soap, body lotions, and other hygiene products that you use. That means choosing products whose scent doesn’t attract insects can help keep bugs away from you.

2. Choose your campsite wisely

Expert campers often advise that you should choose high and dry camping sites. Even if there will be armies of bugs in that region, the chances are that no bugs will be directly interested in you. Thus, you may not have to worry about them.

For instance, one of the most annoying bugs is mosquitoes. These insects lay and hatch their eggs in water. This is the primary reason you always notice an influx of these bloodsuckers following a storm. While you can’t do much to alter rains, the number of mosquitoes that hatch following a storm is likely to be nothing compared to you may be in for if you opt for a campsite near a swamp or any other water body.

Therefore, your map is an indispensable tool to help you choose a higher campsite and stay away from mosquitoes and other similar bugs.

3. Consider using sage

While you may be skeptical about this technique, it works miracles. Just throw a stick of sage into the campfire at night. The sage scent will keep insects away from your camping site. It is recommended not to use insects to avoid interfering with the marshmallow smell roasting in your campfire.

4. Get a little bit smart with your camping equipment

After a tiresome day outdoors, you deserve a good night’s sleep. This is where getting smart about your camping gear comes in. Without proper gears, sleeping can prove challenging and you cannot afford to twist and turn on bed, the entire night after a tiring day. However, sleeping in tents can be made easier by choosing the right tents, embedded with bug nets. The net should be light and allow efficient air circulation. Also, it should be easy to pack and compatible with other pieces of camping gear you have chosen.

Remember, bug bites can ruin outdoor adventures. Therefore, you should implement the tips discussed in this article to keep bugs away.