Unique Christmas Traditions as Celebrated around the Globe

Where will you be spending Christmas this festive season? True to my extreme nature, I’m still busy with some last minute planning, going back and forth about either heading to Ethiopia or crossing the Atlantic to find myself in Venezuela. Why a choice between those two countries though, of all the places in the world? It’s quite an intriguing story to say the least, but I came across this information while helping some fellow travel buddies of mine search for some local teaching jobs through which they desire to generate a bit more of a stable income than what we’ve all been doing over the past few years of crazy travelling. It turns out back in their countries (Ethiopia and Venezuela, respectively) Christmas is about as extreme as that specific holiday can get, with Ethiopian men and boys engaging in the tradition of playing a hockey-like game called ‘ganna,’ while down in Venezuela (Caracas) a Mass is attended on roller skates! So perhaps I’ll feel right at home. Check out the infographic of some of these traditions as practiced across the globe: