Two Important Kids Motocross Gear You Can’t Ignore

It all started as a sport after World War ll, with races run on horse race tracks or ovals of dirt. The tracks gradually got bigger with banks and jumps being added.

By the 1980′s, it had become a sport with riders in huge stadiums in front of audiences and champions being crowned.

In the 1990′s, the sport developed into freestyle motocross, with riders performing more and more daring, usually dangerous tricks and flips.

So it is one of the most fun, exciting and exhilarating sports a child or youth, either male or female, can have a go at while growing up, but it can also be perilous without the correct gear.

In this article, we talk about the two main kids motocross gear that you can’t ignore. Read on.

#1: Helmet

Of all the gear you can buy, and the list can be endless, the most important is a good safety helmet which gives essential protection to the neck and head when riding a dirt bike. It can save your little champ from serious harm or damage in the case of that inevitable spill.


Having the right fit is equally important for your child because if it is too big or loose, it won’t protect those budding brains inside them. It will slip around on the head, both impairing all-round vision and, even worse, come off if he crashes. 

Especially for boys, where is the fun in taking part if they don’t take risks and show off to their mates (under, say 12) and to the young girls standing on the sidelines who they really want to impress as they get older.

It must have a snug fit. Being too small is equally bad as who wants their kid strangled by a too-tight chin strap when he’s supposed to be having fun.

It should have a tight rather than loose fit when bought as the lining is designed to mould the head shape and loosen up quite a bit with use. It will then become comfortable and keep your child as safe as possible.

The helmet must sit squarely on the head and not tilt back like a school cap. 

No matter how cool he thinks it looks, it should fit comfortably around the face, with the cheek pads just touching the cheeks with no pinching and have no gaps on the brow, which could jerk down and possibly cause a broken or damaged nose.

The chin strap should be secure but not tight, enough room to run a finger under when fastened but not choke your child and damage the voice box.

Correct Guidance

Once he is ready to go with his new snugly fitting and cool looking helmet, your champ should take lessons from an experienced rider. Most bike shops have information on where the best place to go, which dirt bike track will be best, and what lessons are available if needed.

#2: Motocross Boots

The motocross boots are used to ensure greater safety for the motorcycle driver. They provide safety in the legs – from foot to knee. 

The motocross boots for kids are virtually the same as for adults. They are also rigid so that the foot does not twist when in contact with the ground. So, while choosing new motocross boots for your child, make sure that the boots are sufficiently rigid, can not bend easily, but must also ensure that the child can move. 


Price is not the only factor to consider when going to buy boots. In fact, it should be) may be the last factor to consider. Remember that your child’s life is worth more than a million boots. So even if you have to pay a little more for the added protection, go for it. 


All boots come equipped with straps from the ankle to mid-shin or knee. These strips are used to tighten the boot after the sidewalk. The material they are made of, also matters. If it causes discomfort while riding, it may lead to a fatal accident. So, the comfort factor can’t be discounted while purchasing good quality motocross boots. 

Note: The size of his boot’s heel should not be too high and should not be greater than 1.2 cm. 

Final Word

Dirt Riding can be a thrilling sport — only with the right guidance and proper protective gear. Your champ’s life matters the most, so make sure you get the best protective gear for him or her. 

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