Travelling with an Infant

When I mentioned travelling with an infant in my first posting, many of you seemed a bit doubtful that I could get along. Some suggested that we would want to fly at least once while our child is young. Other suggestions were not of the safety type but more about the expense of air travel.

Well, I can say now that when our baby is one year old, we will probably take at least one family vacation. When our baby is two, we will probably take two family vacations, one to North Carolina and one to Florida.

Well, that is the plan, we are just a few months from making that decision. Pretty much everything else is aligned, by way of activities and waiting time entertainment portals, such as another PayPal casino to get lost in when there’s some down time to kill.

When Travelling with an Infant

When travelling with an infant, it is essential that you bring your car seat or a suitable car seat. The car seat will hold your baby or toddler on his or her back and allow your child to be safe while travelling, therefore taking on the world.

Before I travel with an infant, I need to remember that the car seat is NOT a necessary item. Travelling with an infant is not like the first time you take your child to the grocery store or out for an outing. The baby is going to be calm and quiet.

A baby travelling in a car seat or car seat is a great way for your baby to travel, however it is NOT something you need. Just like travelling with a child that is around one year old, be sure to check ahead with the airline. Most airlines have a policy about taking a car seat with you to the airport, it should not cost you anything, however it is just one more item that your child may or may not need.

Many airlines will give you a car seat if they believe you have it with you. Our friends in North Carolina went to the airport with a car seat but had to leave it. They were told it was required, and they just decided to pay the fee and not take the car seat with them. Once they landed at the airport, they just checked in the car seat, just like they had checked in their luggage. They were lucky to get the car seat as it appeared that most airlines require it. If you do travel with your car seat, try to check ahead so you don’t have to worry about taking the car seat and possibly running out of time.

When Travelling With An Infant: A Manual Car Seat

If you are taking an infant on a short trip, you will probably travel with an infant car seat. A lot of people assume that a manual car seat is automatically difficult to travel with, or that you have to buy a car seat with an automatic forward-facing harness. While most car seats are automatic, there are still some that are manual. We have used manual car seats for the past two years and found it to be very convenient.

The manual car seats will let you know if the car seat is fitted correctly. A manual car seat will allow you to be sure you have the right car seat and not take on unnecessary risks. If you are taking an infant on a trip where you are flying, it will also make traveling a bit more enjoyable because you can check in your infant car seat in advance.

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