Travellers’ Favourite Pastimes to Earn Money With


Even the most seasoned of frequent travellers cannot help but whip out their phones or cameras to capture a visual representation of their memories. Images which are used online have some copyright implications to their ownership though, which is why you can’t legally just search Google Images and download any picture for commercial or even personal use.

This is why the stock imagery industry exists and while you probably never hear of a case of images that were used illegally causing some legal problems, when it matters most they most definitely do, like if you ran ads on your site and therefore monetised the content which includes the image that belongs to its original creator.

Be on the other side of the fence and upload your travel snaps to stock image platforms. Travel pics are particularly hot property so just imagine earning a dollar each time one of your pics is downloaded around a thousand times or more!

Travel Video Production

Shoot videos that engage your audience, such as reviews from your own personal perspective, upload them to YouTube, activate the monetisation-through-ads feature and just keep shooting videos of your travels. There are platforms other than YouTube as well where you can upload your videos – newsflare (, for example – and showcase them to the right buyers who can then use it for their business or other purposes. This way, too, you can monetise your videos and get more people to view them. There might come a time when you start earning some good money each time someone watches your videos!


If you’re going to journal your travels in some or other way, it might as well be through a blog. There are so many different ways to monetise your travel blog, including but not limited to selling advertising directly to entities which are active in the travel and tourism sector. You don’t even need to start thinking about the monetisation right from the start. Focus on creating great and honest content first and then you can think about the monetisation aspect once you have adequate content.


The main activity of travelling itself can be monetised in a number of different ways. The best of these is that of making sure to sign up to the various loyalty and rewards programs offered by the travel and tourism entities you deal with in booking your accommodation, flights, other transport, entertainment, etc. I’ll give you a very simple example – I’ve booked accommodation more than five times with a specific online booking platform and I now enjoy a special status which entitles me to a 10% discount on the majority of the trips I subsequently take. It’s an indirect way of monetisation, but hey, they all add up!

Online Betting

Travellers who engage in online betting are serious about what otherwise appears to be a time-waster. They don’t just blindly bet on any online casino platform and rely on luck in hope of the best – no! What travellers who perhaps double-up as pro or semi-pro gamblers do is localise their betting as much as possible, such as how they might use DraftKings Sportsbook if their travels have them in a place like New Jersey as the latest destination.

It’s a great traveller’s pastime to monetise because it makes for a lot of fun the typical traveller would probably engage in, in any case!