Travel the World and Earn Money Too


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” -Gustav Flaubert

Get ready to pack your mobile and your laptop and let’s head off on an adventure. The rise of the digital nomad has been incredible for young entrepreneurs and people with the travel bug. It’s so easy to work and travel now, and a couple destinations should be on your list if you are planning on using your digital flexibility to fund and fuel your traveling bug.

While it can be one of the most expensive cities, London also gives you a unique lifestyle for the length of time you chose to stay there. London has stunning locations for visual content creation, a plethora of other creatives for interview content and a lot of creative co-working spaces that you can go to and collaborate with others. Just get yourself a great pair of trainers, a travel card and the best deal you can on a hostel or apartment out of the city (unless your budget can stretch to a snazzy hotel).

Although there are digital nomads out there making a fortune, not everyone is that lucky and if you need a budget-friendly option then Budapest, Hungary. Plenty of free Wi-Fi, fantastic coffee, friendly atmosphere and an Impact Hub ( a co-working space with significant possibilities for working across the globe on ‘impact’ projects).

Thailand – is at the top of almost every digital nomad travel list. Chiang Mai is the ultimate place and holding the coveted spot on the Nomad List Leaderboard. But why? It is super affordable for people on a strict budget, and you can rent by the week or by the month, so it’s super flexible too. It has a 24/7 café culture, so you can get coffee and Wifi anywhere and never miss a conference call or deadline

If you are looking for long lazy sun-filled days, food, and immersive culture, then Portugal will be for you. The people are so friendly, and it has a very relaxed pace. Wi-fi is fabulous there; most places have a free to use internet connection, and when you’re done working you can pack up and head off into the mountains. Plan in advance to get some great deals on apartments and try and move around a little so you can see the most of the country.

If you want to head off to somewhere that you’ll be hard pushed to meet someone else who has been then Timor-Leste is for you. Located on the Asian continent, uses USD as its currency and share only one land border with Indonesia. It has a tropical climate and the dry season lasts about 6 months. East Timor Backpackers caters for all budgets, having a range of available options like guest houses and apartments. This is probably a location for keen photographers and explorers (plus the bragging rights to being somewhere not many people have even heard of).

The age of traveling and works has changed the lives of thousands of people, all you need is an idea, a laptop and somewhere to rest your head at night.