Towns and regions worth a visit in the South of France

With summer fast approaching you may be starting to think about your holidays. One of Europe’s most popular locations in the south of France. There is plenty of south of france villas to choose from plus a host of other accommodation options. With stunning landscapes, glorious weather and a host of outdoor activities to choose from it is an ideal location to spend a couple of weeks. We have taken the time here to compile a list of some of the best locations in the south of France, thus giving you some options and ideas on where there is on offer and how you can spend some of your time, it will be difficult to get away from the stunning beaches but with so much on offer you don’t want to spend all your time in one place. So, take your time and get some motivation and inspiration for your trip to France.


This is the type of town which you envision when you think of France, with UNESCO world heritage sites, stunning street markets and architecture galore you can spend a great deal of time checking out this beautiful town. If you show up in July, you might be lucky enough to stumble across the theatre festival which takes place here. Take your family there for a few days and relax in the stunning surroundings.


One on the list which was probably on your to-do list already is Saint-Tropez. Popular with the yachting crowd and leisurely strolls, Saint-Tropez is a stop for many of the rich and famous. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to come across some famous friends. If you don’t happen to fit into the rich and famous crowd, then you can take your time enjoying the stunning beaches and hiking trails which surround this beautiful location. Otherwise, it is probably one of the best places to simply people watch and examine how others enjoy this home of the rich and famous. Worth a day trip if you are just passing through the area.

Provence Region:

This region is ideal for those who want to truly enjoy some stunning nature. Stretching from the Mediterranean to the rolling vineyard is the area of Provence. Famous for its lavender fields and the Gorges de Verdon which some like to call the Grand Canyon of Europe. An area worth visiting for the hiking trails alone, you can spend a great deal of time enjoying the scenery and changing landscapes of this region. Expect to pay a little more for the accommodation in this region as it is less crowded and therefore not as many options to choose from. If you have the time and it is something you are interested in there a many famous vineyards in the area in which you can take your time and enjoy the tours and wine which is on offer.


World-renowned as the sight of one of the most famous Movie festivals Cannes has a lot more to offer visitors to the city. With an incredible nightlife, stunning beaches and quaint architecture, there is a lot to see in the city even without the film festival taking place. Like many towns in the south of France, there are plenty of tours, hikes and trails on offer to visitors of the city. Enjoy the nightlife and relax during the day or if you like, try your hand at one of the many casinos in the town.


Another extremely popular location in the south of France is the beautiful city of Nice. A popular starting point for the French Riviera, Nice can be quite touristy which sometimes takes away from the charm of a place, but this is not true for nice as it has so much to offer that even the large crowds won’t affect your time here. Outside of the touristy centre, there are plenty of shops, bars and secluded beach areas to take your interest. There are plenty of tours and museums on offer which will give you some details on the history of the city and the importance of Nice to the region. When you are finally done with them you will, of course, have plenty of time to spend at the beach, enjoying the sun with the other holidaymakers.


To go back in time and see some of the older France then the town of Carcassonne should be added to your list. With the walls of the city constructed in the 4th century and going through several developments and attempts at restoration, Carcassonne has a unique look and feel that separates it from many of the other towns in the region. Within the walls of the city are unique architectural al gems that have been preserved by the long-standing city walls. Some of the highlights include the basilica and the canal which goes through the centre of the town. As with many others on this list, it is essential that you take your time and don’t simply rush through this area, there is plenty to see and do.

With its perfect mix of history, architecture and natural beauty it is easy to see why the south of France draws an ever-growing number of visitors, be sure to take your time and enjoy this part of the world. You will quickly see why so many people return to this area, perhaps you will become one as well.

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