Top Instagrammable Locations in Hong Kong

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Visit Hong Kong for the first time

We understand that you don’t want to miss any of those magnificent photo locations when you come to Hong Kong, and that’s why we are composing this post to guide you. We’ve done our research, and here we present you with the best Instagram photo locations in Hong Kong, China. Then, once you have your perfect picture, you could choose to buy automatic Instagram likes to give your profile the boost it needs when it comes to getting a better following and more love for your photos.

Top Instagrammable Locations in Hong Kong

1. Choi Hung Estate

If you are looking for the best photo spots to capture pics for your Instagram accounts, Choi Hung Estate should be your first destination whenever you come to Hong Kong. Choi Hung stands as one of the ancient public housing in Hong Kong – its name simply means “Rainbow Estate”. It’s called so because its facade is painted in amazing rainbow colors. Sparing some time to go to Choi Hung Estate with your camera would really be a rewarding idea. This location is considered a perennial Instagram favorite thanks to its bright beaming colors – which enables you to capture pictures that are warm, contoured, and popping. Make sure you include Choi Hung Estate as your must-visit the next time you come to Hong Kong.

2. Victoria Peak

If you want to capture probably the best pics for your Instagram accounts, go straight to Victoria Peak the next time you come to Hong Kong. If you include Victoria peak in your to-do list, you will appreciate the fascinating cityscape views – and have an opportunity to ride the oldest railways in China and the world at large. The place is ever cool whenever you visit – you can take shots here in the morning when the sun is rising, in the afternoon, or the evening when the sun is going down. A nighttime shot when the city buildings brighten the sky would marvel not only your followers on Insta but also prompt more likes. When you come to Victoria peak, spare some time and explore nearby attractions such as the Peak Tower, Historical Museum, and the Sky Terrace-428 – the highest viewing point in Hong Kong.

3. Monster Building

Locally known as the “Yick Cheong Building,” the Monster Building is another famous tourist photo spot in Hong Kong, China. When you come here, it will be hard to believe your eyes as this comprises five interlinked towers that project to the sky!You will want to see by yourself why it has been nicknamed “the Monster Building” by the locals. Come with your camera and capture some hot pics here that will warm your Insta account.

4. Instagram Pier or West District Public-Cargo Depot

This is one of the most famous photo-worthy places in Hong Kong that have raided the Insta-World by storm. The backdrop here is ever-changing; there are amazing sunset views, etc. This spot receives millions of tourists every year – you will hardly find someone visiting this region without a camera. West District Public-Cargo Depot is a must-visit destination for any social media-obsessed individual looking to wow his/her fans. Most Insta famous folks have been here before -why not you?

5. Sky100 Observation Deck

If you want to capture a pic that will feature the entire city of Hong Kong, then go straight to the SKY100 Observation Deck. This is the tallest building in the city of Hong Kong, from where you can make an unparalleled 360-degree view of the town. Sky100 Observation Deck is situated on the 100th floor of the city’s ICC (International Commerce Centre). Travel experts advise you to install the interactive Sky100 android application if you are sure you will be visiting this place. The app lets you see a virtual view of Hong Kong city from this point. Never miss out on this place the next time you will be looking for the best places to capture Insta Killer Photos in Hong Kong. It’s the best place if you are looking for the best view of Victoria Harbor.

6. Stay Ferry Pier

Acting as a means of transport to passengers visiting Hong Kong Island from Kowloon, Stay Ferry Pier is your must-do whenever you come to Hong Kong. One of the things that make The Stay Ferry Pier a standout is its nighttime laser shows – on the city’s waterfront buildings. Don’t miss a chance to capture some incredible photos of the light displays for your Insta NewsFeed.The place is nicknamed “The Symphony of Lights” – as most people think of it as the world’s most top-rated light display that happens every night.

7. Ngong Ping 360

When you come to Hong Kong, spare some time to spend at Ngong Ping 360. The place is full of amazing choices for your Instagram shots. When coming here, it recommendable that you consider a “crystal” cable car since they have glass floors. Head straight to Ngong Ping village and appreciate all it has to offer -try out their delicious foods, explore the Big Buddha – be ready to climb a lot of stairs before you see the top of the Buddha. Get prepared with your camera and capture a snap of Po Lin -the world-renowned Monastery. Go to the countryside and appreciate the natural surroundings -you will want to take pics almost everywhere you go to Hong Kong and its neighborhoods.

8. Quarry Bay

For a long time, Quarry Bay has been one of the most famous tourist destinations and social media sports for all. The incredible Quarry Bay Complexes such as Montane Mansion and Yik Cheong are featured in movies such as Age of Extinction, Transformers, and Ghost in The Shell. You will want to capture as many pics as you can when you come here. Add these pics to IG newsfeed, and all your friends will be left in admiration.

The Bottom Line

Hong Kong, China, is one of the most magnificent cities that every person looking to capture incredible photos for social media accounts should visit. If you’ve never been here before, why don’t you make some efforts and visit this Christmas? Remember to bring your camera with you as it will be your best companion. Book your flight now with Cathay Pacific and get ready to explore the beautiful city of China – Hong Kong.