Top 5 Visit-Worthy Destinations That Are a Short Plane Trip Away from Dubai

Dubai is a memorable place to visit for a vacation. But, if you live there, it is nice to get away on short trips. While there aren’t many places to visit that are short car rides away, there are plenty of places that require only a short plane trip. The destinations offer everything from innovative architecture to relics from ancient times. Even though Dubai is a part of Asia, it is close to Europe and Africa. These are five visit-worthy destinations to see:

  1. Armenia

In under four hours, tourists can enjoy an Armenia package from Dubai. The nation was once a part of the Soviet Union, but is now an independent nation which a rich cultural and religious history. You can see iconic Mount Ararat – even though it is technically in Turkey. Check out Yerevan and the pink architecture. Lake Sevan is a must-see spot as it is one of the largest fresh-water high-altitude lakes in the world. One other place to see in Armenia is Garni, which is the home of the pagan temple with the same name. It is also home to the 12th century Mashtots Hayrapet Church.

  • Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is about a three-hour plane ride from Dubai. It is full of beaches, as well as delicious food and vibrant cultural activities. Tourists love visiting the temples and riding funiculars around the country. If you seek a beach, try Bentota on the west coast or Mirissa on the south coast – especially if you want to see whales, too. Tourists from Dubai also enjoy visiting Columbo to see the mosques and eat the street food.

  • Egypt

It only takes about four hours to fly from Dubai to Cairo. Egyptian food is delicious and the scenery is awe-inspiring. You can take a ride on a camel and enjoy shopping in the bazaars. But, the top thing to do in Egypt is to visit the ancient Pharaonic Sites like the Pyramids of Giza. When you’ve had enough sand, hop on a boat and take a tour down the Nile River. This is a bucket-list destination for people all over the world.

  • Jordan

Jordan is home to the ancient city Petra. It is the capital and is home to iconic ancient sites that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The summers in Jordan are hot and the winters are cool. If you visit Petra, be sure to take a tour through Siq to visit the Treasury and the Street of Facades. The ancient architecture built into the rock walls is unforgettable.

  • Turkey

If you visit Turkey, be sure to see Pamukkale. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is in the southwestern area of Turkey. The reason to visit Pamukkale is to enjoy the white limestone mountains and the mineral-rich waters. The pools are thermal springs that have been enjoyed for millenia. While people are no longer allowed to swim in the thermal pools on the mountainside, you can swim in the pools near Hierapolis.