Top 5 Things to do in Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Mussorie the “Queen of Hills’ ‘ one of the most enchanting hill stations in Uttarkhand that makes you get head over heels in love. Uttarakhand is known for many things be it a pilgrimage, Gange, or a hill station, or whatnot. Mussorie takes your breath away with its beauty, adventure, and a perfect place for a short vacation with loved ones.

There are many things to do when in Mussoorie from sightseeing to adventure sports. The traveler can experience more in the short trip or we say less is more which perfectly applies when exploring the “Queen of Hills”. The hill station has the best shopping places, exquisite landscape, and temples to make you at peace.

Make your next gateway and put these 5 things in your itinerary.

Kempty Falls

One of the most tourist attractions spots is “Kempty Falls’ ‘ located on the way to Dehradun and Mussorie roads. Kempty falls is at an altitude of 4500ft above the sea level water flowing mountains and the pond formed at the bottom of the falls makes it the perfect place for swimming and bathing in chilled water around with your loved ones.

The locals and tourists both find the place soothing and peaceful. Nature at its best is surrounded by greenery and water. The individual can go trekking through the falls and crystal clear rivers and on the way can visit Jwala Devi Temple, Malsi Deer Park.

Mall Road

Mall road is the famous market at every hill station. In Mussorie, Mall road is one of the best tourist attractions in the world. The place is always crowded with locals and tourists day and night to explore the market and local delicacies. The Mall road has the most vibrant atmosphere where one can enjoy the festivities and can explore the most amazing cafes.

Casa Mia Bakery

The small bakery down on the mall road is best known for fresh baked goods like croissants, muffins, pies, loaves of bread, and the most famous and unique fruit cream. There is no place to dine, but the mouth-watering delicacies worth standing out and eating out in the mountains.

Le Llama Cafe

The cozy quintessential hill station cafe offers a series of snacks and western food options that taste heavenly and take you to paradise. From non-veg to veg, the mouth-watering delicacies are worth every penny you spend at the cafe. The mutton burgers, pepperoni pizzas, spicy fries, bacon, pesto pizza, herb-roasted chicken, and the list goes on. The cafe is paradise landed on the mall road Mussoorie and is must visit when visiting Mussoorie.

Lal Tibba

The most popular and oldest place in Mussorie is Lal Tibba or Red Hill. The place is famous for its spell-bounded scenic beauty and for those who love sunset and sunrise this is your place. The tourist goes awe in the beauty of Lal Tibba when visiting at the time of sunrise and sunset.  Lal Tibba is the highest peak in Mussorie at the time of dusk the setting sun appears at the bald patch of the peak and tends to get a blush red glow. The stroll at Lal Tibba is peaceful, clean streets, cool air touching the sky as it climbs up.

It has pretty cottages with tin roofs, smoke-spewing chimneys, stone churches with painted windows, thickets of pine, and quiet cemeteries. The staycation in those tiny pretty cottages welcomes you to a newer world to explore the lifestyle of Pahadi.

Trek to Hathi Paon

For all the adventure lovers out there, trek to Hathi Paon in Mussorie is a must in your itinerary. The treks through nature trails take you through dense forests of flora and fauna. The treks go to the walk from Happy valley where you can see the birds and there are few camping sites to chill and have fun with friends before heading home.

This short hike has breathtaking views, colorful plays tied up adding to its beauty. The place is a haven for artists and photographers to capture nature. Relax and Rejuvenate yourself in the beautiful mountains and cool breeze stroking down the face.

Company Bagh

Company Bagh is located in the Happy Valley. The company bagh is also known as the municipal garden which is situated 3.5km away from Mussorie Library Bus stand. The most popular picnic spot in Mussorie is filled with flowers best for a day out or picnic with friends and family. The garden has an artificial mini lake with a waterfall making the place more appealing and adding to its everlasting beauty. Company Bagh has ample space with the adventurous ride, boating, and an amusement park.

The entry is paid in the garden also inside it has a small market to buy items and a food court. Those who want can use the telescope for a closer view of the Himalayas.

The “Queen of Hills’ ‘ is one of the most exciting hill stations offering a variety of things from hiking to trekking or jumping in the chilled Kempty falls. There are plenty of things to do in Mussorie from sightseeing, adventure sports, and exploring the cultural richness. Exploring the small hill station in Uttarakhand will be a lifetime’s worth of experience.

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