Top 5 Jobs You Can Do While Travelling

Are you planning a long trip to another city or country soon and you do not want to miss out on making money? We have gathered the top 5 jobs that you can do while travelling around the world.

Become a Tutor

With internet access, you can become a tutor while travelling. All you need is in-depth knowledge in a specific field and you are on your way to tutoring clients from across the globe.  A tutoring job allows you to turn your skills into profit, and individuals are looking for tutors in a wide variety of fields. If you are an expert in a particular language, then you can become an online language tutor.

Start a Voiceover Job

The voiceover job is one of the easiest jobs to do while travelling. It is easy to start a voiceover job if you are certain that you have great vocal skills. If you think that you are a great singer or you enjoy mimicking actors from movies, then you can just become one of the best voiceover actors ever. All you need is internet access, high quality microphone and headphones, a laptop or a mobile app and you are good to go. You do not need to break the bank to record voiceovers while travelling. With the right basic tools, you can record voice over demos in any available quiet space. Sign up at to connect with talent agencies and clients looking for your voiceover skills.

Start a Blog

If you are passionate about writing, travelling can allow you to turn your writing skills into a real job. There are blogs about virtually everything from sports, beauty, health, technology and gadgets, to food and travel. If you love travelling, why not write about your travelling on your blog? However, starting a blog requires a lot of patience as it can take time to build an audience and start making a profit, but it is worth giving a shot. You read about the most profitable blogging niches to get you started.

Video blogging / Vlogging / YouTuber

You can start a travel video blog or a video blog about any topic you know about. It is easy and free to set up a video blog – you can set up an Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook page where you will upload your videos. Just like blogging, you need to be patient when you are just starting. The potential for making money from “Vlogging” is enormous, especially when you have a large audience. For instance, YouTube pays video content creators based on the number of views.

Travel Photography

These days you do not need to enrol in a formal photography school to become a photographer. What you need to become a photographer is to watch a few videos about photography and you are good to go. The best pictures aren’t usually the ones that have been edited a million times or shot with a professional camera. With your smartphone, you can document your travel experience through photography and share them with the world. Travel agencies are always looking for amazing travel pictures to use for their marketing, and you just might be the travel photographer they are looking for.