Tips for Vaping in Europe

Any vaping enthusiast understands the fact that various locations around the world have unique regulations on vaping. Whether you are planning a trip to Europe or, are a resident of the region, it is important to learn certain tips about vaping in Europe. These tips are not only crucial to abiding by the law but may also help you with cutting down on costs and enjoying quality vaping.

Get Your Products Online

A majority of the states in Europe allow vaping. Some countries like Malta have legalized recreational cannabis. Europeans use different methods for taking cannabis and dry herb vaping is a popular method. You can get vaporizers online (check what is a dry vaporizer) easily. Purchasing vaping products online is one of the best strategies for reducing the cost of vaping in Europe. There are several online retailers providing vaping products at amazing deals. The cost of their products are lower as compared to local stores in most cases.

Online stores usually also have a larger collection which allows for an informed decision. You can read about and better understand the different brands of vapes, like, for example, Geekvape kits, Vaporesso, Innokin, and many more. Depending on individual preferences, a choice can be made among the various available options.

Buy in Bulk

One of the regulations set on vaping products by the European Union relate to the capacity of the e-liquid bottles. The bottles are limited to a tiny 10ml by these rules. This makes the cost of getting an ample amount of e-liquid expensive. You can however still turn this around and get great deals on vaping products by purchasing them in bulk. Bulk buying of vaping juice reduces the costs quite significantly, both for online and local stores.

Travelling with E-Cigs

Travelling with the e-cig influences the general vaping experience you enjoy to a certain degree. For a good experience therefore, you need to be enlightened on the regulations that govern traveling with e-cigs in Europe. For starters, it is important to note that most airlines only allow e-cigs in carry-on luggage. This applies in not only European states, but the rest of the world as well. You may also be required to keep the various components of the e-cig separately. Vaping liquid bottles are also limited to 10ml. When going on a flight therefore, you should only carry e-cigarettes that conform to these requirements.


This is one of the reasons why most people tend to favour vaping over joints (you could read up on articles and blogs on sites like Legal Online Cannabis Dispensary to know all about this information) for their consumption. And there are hardly any regulations in Europe with regards to the flavor of the e-liquid. You can therefore enjoy any flavor that satisfies your palate. If you are unable to find the right flavor for you from the local stores, you can go online and get the best e-liquid flavors. Several online stores offer a diverse range of flavors for e-liquid and ship all over Europe.

Nicotine Percentage

Another regulation set by the European Union on Vaping relates to the percentage of nicotine in the vaping juice. There is a 2% marker on every e-liquid sold in the European market. Getting e-liquids with a higher nicotine composition than this is therefore hard in Europe. If you are looking for higher nicotine content on your e-liquid, getting the product online is the best way to go. This will allow you to enjoy an exceptional smoking experience while in the region.

Lifestyle Tips