Tips For Traveling With Baby

Spring Break is just around the corner and where, in our younger years, we would have jumped in the closest friend’s car and just took off for excitement, as parents, we must take a few more things into consideration. Now, we need to make sure we make it to the car from the crib without waking the baby up and then do the same when you arrive home! Take a look on if you want to learn how to do this because it’s tricky to get right!

Traveling with children can be rewarding in that there are millions of great memories just waiting to be made. However, it can also be challenging. Especially if you have a baby. Though several of you just spouted out the word “babysitter,” it’s not always that simple. Some mothers are still breastfeeding.

Some trips are to see relatives that would love nothing more than to share in the joy of a new addition to the family and many parents still find it hard to leave the youngest of them behind. Whatever the reason you travel with the baby, below are a few things to keep in mind.

What to Bring

Many parents struggle with what they should cart with them on vacation. Too many things could load you down and frustrate a trip meant for fun and relaxation. Too little could leave you spending money on things you haven’t budgeted for.

There are a few essential things to bring no matter what. You will need diapers, wipes, formula (if your baby is bottle fed,) bottles, clothes, and baby toiletries such as shampoo and lotion. The soap and shampoo offered in many hotels can be rather abrasive to baby’s skin.

Also, most hotels charge extra for the use of a crib, if they have them at all. You may want to bring a pack n’ play for baby to sleep in at night and whatever you do, don’t forget anything your baby uses to soothe him/herself such as a blankie, binky, or special stuffed animal.

Bring Extra

Ok folks. Have you ever been grocery shopping with your little man or little girl and been present for the “let’s see how much this diaper can really hold” competition? Then, all of a sudden, you realize you forgot to pack extra diapers or forgot to put the wipes back in the bag.

Talk about slight panic. How about getting to Grandma’s house and realizing you didn’t bring enough formula? It’s horrible when this happens, especially if you are raising your baby on an organic diet and are using a specialized formula, like Tastyganics, which you can’t just buy from the supermarket. However, these things happen. With little ones present, things can be pretty unpredictable.

The saying, I would rather have it and not need than need it and not have it, applies here greatly. Make sure to pack extra diapers, wipes, clothes, formula, and binkies. You just never know if or when you might need them.

Make Things Flexible

We’re sure you’ve heard that kids will be kids. While there are somethings we can control, like how we react to a situation, there are others we just can’t. Babies place a lot of those events in our life. They cry to communicate any discomfort, whether they are hungry, dirty, sleepy, or just want to be held.

As their digestive tract is not as developed as an adult’s, they tend to spit up at inconvenient times and have bathroom issues. They require a lot more attention from us than our older children and spouses and can have a total meltdown at the drop of a hat. Be patient.

When planning your schedule, leave room for everything baby needs and rest for yourself. When things don’t go as swimmingly as they should, make sure to have a backup plan and people dedicated to helping ease the stress.

Bringing baby on vacation can be a wonderful experience if you make sure to make room for his/her needs. Use the above tips to help you do just that on your next vacation with your little one.