Tips for selling your home before you travel

For those who have the travel bug, 2020 was a monumental bust. Because of the travel restrictions across the globe put in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had to put their big adventure plans on pause until travel was deemed safe again. With news of the vaccine providing hope to us all, many people are getting their bearings in order to hop on a plane and hit a new or familiar destination as soon as possible! This might seem simple for most travelers, apart from the ones who also had to put their real estate plans on hold because of the pandemic. We’ve compiled a few tips for selling your home before you go out and travel the world again!

Find a Realtor to Work With Your Goals

If you have been able to hire the best Oshawa real estate agents, or similar realtors in your area, you will know just how important an asset they are when it comes to selling your home, especially if you have upcoming travel plans. As such, it is very likely that you’ll want someone who will assist you from start to finish with navigating the playing fields. When you leave for your trip, do so without the nagging feeling that something is going to go wrong. A good agent will work with you hand in hand to sell your home quickly and for the highest prices possible. You may also want to find a Transaction Coordinator (TC) to get the documents right, as some real-estate agents prefer not to do the administrative tasks. The TC handles all the contract-to-close files, schedules home inspection and also ensure all the contingencies are met on time.

Price Your Home Just Right

These days, you’ll want to be especially thoughtful with how much you price your home for. Price it too high and offers will be sparse. Price it too low and buyers will be wondering if there is something wrong with the property. By setting a fair and calculated price for your listing, you can expect to see a wide range of interested buyers. Your home’s price should be based on its value as well as the prices of similar listings in your area. Need help figuring it out? A home value estimator along with the advice from your Realtor will set you up for success. Expect to have your home off the market and you packing your bags with one less thing to worry about!

Do Smart Home Renovations

There’s still a bit more time before certain types of traveling are safe and allowed again. In the meantime, begin to work on some of those home renovations that have been in the back of your mind. For example, perhaps your lawn is looking a little lifeless and dull – you might want to consider calling someone like to see what could be done to improve the lawn quality (especially if it’s a front lawn – we all know how important first impressions are!). Well-chosen home improvement projects can highly boost the value of your home without you having to pay a high price or spend hours on projects. Some popular trends according to insights from top agents include private outdoor spaces and roomy, functional kitchens!

Get Ready to Sell

In the past year, we’ve seen the world turn upside down. In regards to COVID-19 and real estate, many processes have changed and will continue to change as vaccines are rolled out. Top real estate agents expect to see more sellers entering the market in 2021, putting a competitive edge on the seller’s market. Be ready for quick changes in how you sell your house and work with your agent to understand what’s happening in the area!

By following some of these tips and staying safe, you’ll not only be selling your house with a breeze, but also hopping on a plane to your next adventure!

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