Tips for Planning a Holiday Trip to Spain

A lot of people dreamed of traveling to Spain, but not so many people get the chance to visit this amazing country. Spain is generally considered to be an exotic country, mostly due to its beautiful weather and mesmerizing beaches, as well as friendly people. However, even though Spain is a paradise on Earth, you should still be prepared for your holiday there, as you can probably be surprised by a lot of things in this Mediterranean country. Therefore, here are some great tips to all first-time visitors to Spain.

Experience Spain Historically and Culturally

If you are going on a Spain summer holiday, you are strongly advised to do much more than just enjoy the beaches and the sun. Despite the fact that lying in the sun is extremely tempting, you should nevertheless set aside some time and visit at least some of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites located throughout this country – and there are more than 40 of them.

Think about the Weather in Advance

When thinking about summer holidays, you should think about the weather in advance. For example, if you have decided to travel to Magaluf in Spain, you should do some research on Magaluf weather before you actually book a holiday. The reason for this is simple, and it is related to the fact that the high summer in Spain is unbelievably hot, so you should try to visit the country in either the late spring or late summer.

Getting around Spain

Spain is a very large country, so you will have to travel a lot if you want to experience it as a whole. You can take flights from any city, but this will probably prove to be a bit too pricey. However, you can decide to rely on the trains which are very punctual and much cheaper than flying, but they tend to be a slower alternative. Also, you can use the bus services, which is probably the best option next to renting a car and driving around Spain yourself.

Money Matters

Euro is the main currency in Spain, and all major credit cards are accepted in most of the shops, as well as ATM’s across the country. Try not to exchange small amounts of money, as this will cost you much more in the end. Also, exchange rates are generally better at ATM’s than in banks, so it is a very good idea to avoid banks altogether and use ATM’s in order to get Euros.

Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

If you want an exciting stay in Spain, you might want to consider Spain holiday rentals over hotels on your next trip to Spain. Looking outside the square in terms of accommodation can not only save you money but it can bring forth opportunities that you might not have in a hotel environment. By choosing somewhere out of the major tourist areas you will again save money, but you will also be exposed to authentic local culture and experiences.

By following these tips, you’ll ensure your trip is exciting and memorable. They will also help you save money, especially on accommodation.

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