Think outside of the box for the trip of a lifetime

If you’ve ever booked a holiday you’ve probably spent hours on end agonising over exactly where you should go.

Many people stick to tried and trusted destinations when making their decision, but there are plenty of others who want to try something a little different when they go away.

There are now numerous themed vacations available, offering travellers the opportunity to mix things up while they’re away from home.

Read on as we look at four of our favourite alternative holidays.

Chase a full house on the open seas

Bingo has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years, largely fuelled by the explosion of online websites like Kitty Bingo.

The revival of the game has sparked huge interest in the travel industry, with some tour operators now offering people the chance to enjoy bingo-themed holidays.

It is even possible to enjoy cruise holidays based around bingo, with some firms promoting trips to places like Amsterdam and further afield.

With great cash prizes, superb live entertainment and world class food, a bingo cruise is a great way to get away from it all.

It’s Butlins, but not as you know it

Butlins has come a long way since the company’s founder, Sir Billy Butlin, opened his first holiday resort in Skegness in 1936.

In addition to offering family friendly holidays, Butlins now offers music themed weekends that allow adults to recapture their youth.

They run numerous events including the hugely popular Absolute 80s Weekenders that attract thousands of revellers every year.

With the likes of Tony Hadley, Big Country, Heaven 17, Bad Manners and Altered Images performing their hits from the 80s, these short breaks are not to be missed.

Head east for a taste of Vegas or Monte Carlo

If you’ve ever thought of booking a casino holiday it’s highly likely your first choice of destination would have been Las Vegas or Monte Carlo.

Known for its world-famous hotels, casinos, and clubs, you may find that a place like Las Vegas may have much more to offer than just gambling and drinking.

There are numerous places dedicated to making people’s fantasies a reality. And these places would help you explore your deepest wishes irrespective of your sexual orientation or preferences.

If you would like to experience a glimpse of the different genres/fantasies you might like to experience, you could browse through the web on sites with names like Tube v Sex, and many other similar ones to find some ideas. And given the destination you’re in, you may as well go for the sexual adventure of a lifetime.

In the Eastern hemisphere, Singapore has emerged as a viable alternative to that iconic pair, with its Marina Bay Sands venue one of the most spectacular in the world.

It features the world’s highest infinity pool and boasts some simply stunning views of this sprawling region. Marina Bay Sands cost $4.6 billion to build but offers tourists free entry to the finest casino action you will find in Asia.

Spice up the great outdoors with Glamping

If traditional forms of camping in tents or caravans doesn’t float your boat, then Glamping could be the answer to that particular conundrum.

The accommodation still places you in the great outdoors, but has the added attraction of having many of your favourite home comforts.

Glamping provides the perfect combination of adventure and luxury, while ensuring you don’t waste valuable time pitching your tent or hooking up a caravan.

With hot tubs, en-suite bathrooms and more, Glamping is a superb way to get away from city life without giving up too much of the things you love.