Things to know before entering a dispensary near you

There are more than 1,700 medicinal marijuana dispensaries in the US. It goes without saying that you have a lot of options when it comes to buying cannabis products near you. Sorting through your options can be overwhelming, but maybe you’ve decided on a dispensary for your first visit. But there are some things you need to follow while visiting a dispensary such as bringing your ID, following the etiquettes, etc.

What do you need to do there? How should you visit the place? We’ll provide you with the best advice for your first trip, so you feel secure and at ease.

It’s exciting and fun to visit a dispensary near you. Whether you are visiting a “dispensary near me” or at any place, it’s crucial to arrive prepared and with the following goals in mind. Let’s check it out.

Things you should keep in mind while visiting a dispensary near you

Following are some of the things you should keep in mind to enjoy a wonderful experience for the first-time visit to your nearest dispensary.

#1. Keep your government issued ID handy

In most states, you must be at least 21 years old to visit a cannabis store, whether you’re buying it for medical or recreational purposes. When it comes to this need, the business in general and dispensaries in particular are closely watched, so even if you become a regular, always keep your state-issued identity close at hand.

You should be prepared to show your ID several times in one visit. Before entering the saleroom and once more after making your purchase, all dispensaries will demand that you present your card. You will also be requested to display the card right away when entering dispensaries where cannabis plants and product packaging are visible in the waiting area.

#2. Go through their online menu

You’ve likely visited a fast food restaurant before, stepped up to the register, and then panicked because you didn’t know what you wanted and there was a large menu.

If the dispensary has an online cannabis menu, you can look it up to lessen the likelihood of this occurring there. In this manner, you can familiarize yourself with what they have to offer.

It can be a good idea to give them a call in advance and inquire about stock availability if you locate a specific strain you want to purchase. This can spare you from disappointment if you have to settle for a different strain after a well-liked one runs out.

That said, some firms like Healing Nug could even allow you to make an online purchase. Imagine you’re still a little wary of going into a dispensary in person. If so, until you’re ready to visit them in person, this can be a good alternative.

#3. Know your need

It’s acceptable if you don’t know exactly what cannabis products you want to purchase when you visit a dispensary for the first time.

We advise thinking about the effects you’d like to experience rather than just the things you want (or not feel). Additionally, it is beneficial to consider your favorite tastes and smells (and dislike). For instance, if you enjoy grapefruit’s flavor and aroma but don’t want to feel tired, your objective might be to locate an invigorating product that tastes like grapefruit. As you travel to the dispensary, keep this objective in mind.

#4. Enquire

Even the most seasoned cannabis lovers today still have a lot to learn because there are so many new products available on the market and cannabis strains grown in dispensaries. Fortunately, your budtender is knowledgeable about the products that are offered at their dispensary. So, inquire away and don’t let lack of experience or ego stop you!

Bear in mind, though, that despite the fact that there hasn’t been any government-approved research on cannabis, budtenders can’t predict what impacts anything will have. Instead, they will use their own preferences and experiences to provide you with a starting point for your purchase.

#5. Have some patience

You might have to wait in a waiting area at the dispensary you visit before a budtender can assist you. Each state has its own laws; some permit you to browse like you would in a regular store, while others only permit a budtender to assist one person at a time. Although dispensary lines frequently go quickly, if you must wait outside, check the weather and be ready to wait. Visit around off-peak times (early in the morning or later in the evening) to avoid queues or give your dispensary a call to know their busiest times. You can even make an online advance purchase at some dispensaries.

#6. Don’t use your phone

It’s better to keep your phone in your pocket or purse because most dispensaries have strong “no photo” rules. The workers may feel uncomfortable if you have it out while texting or speaking because you can secretly take pictures.

Being on your phone while a budtender is giving you their whole attention is also impolite. While a bartender is focusing on you, checking social media or responding to a text message may wait a few minutes.

#7. Some products are locked

You might be startled to find that the majority, if not all, of the items are locked behind glass cases when you first walk into a cannabis shop. Cannabis shops must abide by strict regulations regardless of the state, and some of those regulations stipulate those goods for sale must be pre-packaged.

Although you won’t be able to smell the product or open the container, you will be able to handle the packaging and examine the labelling. Contrary to popular assumption, marijuana dispensaries in America do not permit on-site consumption as cannabis cafes do in Amsterdam.

#8. Remember the no-return policy

The same reasoning holds true for cannabis as it does for prescription drugs, which cannot be returned. Once you leave the dispensary, you won’t be able to exchange, return, or receive a refund on any cannabis items. Because of this, our coordinators advise beginning with a smaller purchase and progressively increasing it after you’ve found a product you like. To allow you to experiment without spending a lot of money, the majority of dispensaries sell single cookies or pre-rolls.

Also remember to carry your own smell proof pouch, just in case you want a more private packaging when you step out after the purchase. You wouldn’t want to attract any unwanted attention, so stay vigilant. If you have never purchased cannabis before, then it’s good to know the untold rules before stepping into or out of a shop.

#9. Tip the budtender

While tips are not the only reason budtenders work, they are greatly preferred. Take into account the degree of customer service and the total amount you are paying for cannabis when deciding how much to tip the budtender. For instance, if you spent $25 on marijuana products and your budtender went above and beyond to please you, you may think about leaving a $5 tip.

#10. Follow etiquettes

Not to mention, approach a trip to a cannabis shop the same way you would a trip to the pharmacy:

● Respect others’ privacy.

● Adhere to all the regulations of the dispensary you are visiting.

● Avoid using the phone while in a dispensary because it can annoy other customers.

For instance, a lot of dispensaries prohibit photography. Respect the laws, no matter what.

The more prepared you are, the less intimidating it will be to visit a dispensary for the first time. If you have any queries before your first visit, get in touch with us! And don’t forget to bring your MMCC card!

Just keep in mind to enjoy yourself and your first trip to the pharmacy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any. With their great expertise and love for the products they’re selling, the budtenders are there to assist you. They are there to make every encounter enjoyable!

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