Things to consider when buying a house in Mallorca

Buying a house in Mallorca is one of the most exciting stages of buying your first home. It’s also one of the most common, so research is important before you start looking.

Here are some things to consider.


When it comes to size, you’ll need to consider how many bedrooms you need. You should also consider whether your property is large enough for a garden and whether it has an outdoor space that guests can use. 


The location will determine the type of people who live in your property and visit it and what shops and services are available.

When deciding where to buy, try to choose a neighborhood with good schools, parks and public transport nearby. No public transport nearby could mean extra costs such as taxis or trains, which may affect your budget too much!


Before you start looking for a property, clearly understand your budget and what property you want.

What is your budget?

How much can you afford to spend?

What are your priorities?

What is your financial situation? How much can you borrow? How will you finance the purchase of your property?

What type of property are you interested?

When you’re ready to buy, you’ll have to choose the kind of property that suits your needs. You can buy a house, apartment or villa—and sometimes even a plot of land. If this is your first time in Mallorca and you are looking for somewhere permanent to live, we recommend buying an apartment or villa because it will give you more space than renting.

However, if you are looking for something longer term (like holiday homes), choose one built recently with modern facilities such as air conditioning and Wi-Fi internet access.

Is it a holiday home or a permanent residence?

The first thing to consider is whether you want to live in your new investment property permanently or simply as a holiday home. Resale value issues may need to be considered if you are buying a permanent residence. In addition, if the property is not maintained well and requires expensive repairs or maintenance, this could impact its resale value negatively.

If you’re looking at purchasing an apartment block with individual apartments within it, this will likely be cheaper than buying privately owned single-family houses with large gardens attached (although both types offer potential). You can also find good real estate Mallorcadeals when buying up several floors of flats if they’re located close together at one site.

Estate agent

Choosing an estate agent is an important decision when buying a house in Mallorca. It’s also likely the most expensive, so you must choose wisely!

Here are some tips on choosing the best agent:

  • Make sure they have experience selling property in Mallorca and are local to your area so they can give great advice about where to live and how much house prices have risen over recent years.
  • Ask them what kind of homes they sell – villas or apartments? What size? How many bedrooms etc.? If someone doesn’t know these things, ask them before agreeing to contracts with them!

Do your research and seek good advice.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Get good advice from a professional.
  • Feel free to walk away if it doesn’t feel right, even if you’ve spent hours looking at houses in Mallorca!

It can become a lot to take in when you’re looking at buying a house in Mallorca, but the most important thing is to get an agent who understands the dynamics in the place.

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